Crazy rich outfit: This trendy fall ensemble costs more than your rent

Aug 9 2018, 2:45 am

How you dress says something about the kind of person you are. It’s a way you express yourself, without even realizing.

You could be the type of person who only wears brand labels, or someone who happily spends hours going through the aisles of a thrift store to find hidden treasures. Either way, you’re all about the “look good, feel good” mantra, and we support that.


At the same time, sometimes it can be really fun to splurge. And when we say “splurge,” we mean “spend more money than several months of rent on a single outfit.” And we did the math: According to a 2018 report by Padmapper, the average Vancouver rent for a one-bedroom is $2,000 and it’s $3,200 for a two-bedroom.

But $3,200 is small change when you’re crazy rich and shopping without limits. That’s why we’ve put together this simple outfit ahead of the release of Crazy Rich Asians on August 15, and you would never guess how much it costs.


(Spoiler: A lot.)

The basic t-shirt dress

Simple black leggings

Snap leggings/Alexander Wang

The biker jacket that works for every season

Biker jacket/Acne Studios

Those suede tassled boots

Tassled boots/Saint Laurent, YSL

The classic black leather bag

The purse charm you just need

It’s a cute look, right? But brace yourself and take a look at the pricing of these items below.

So, the total cost of the outfit, including the essential bag and charm (very essential), comes to $10,949. That could cover a couple of months’ rent!

To see even more seriously expensive apparel, check out Crazy Rich Asians in theatres starting August 15. (We are not responsible for any financial decisions you make after reading this article.)

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