You can now order a vehicle online and get it delivered, just like your groceries

Jul 29 2021, 3:35 pm

If there’s one thing many of us have renewed appreciation for right now, it’s online shopping. The ease of ordering items right to our doorsteps is not only a safe way to shop during a pandemic, it’s pretty gratifying, too.

But until now, it hasn’t been as easy to get certain big-ticket items delivered. “Your groceries get delivered. Your dry cleaning. Even your new mattress. Who doesn’t deliver to your door? Car dealers, that’s who,” Jillian Loeppky, brand officer at Carooga, tells Daily Hive.

A recently launched tech startup serving all of BC (particularly the greater Vancouver area),  Carooga is disrupting the used-car buying industry by totally revamping the process of purchasing a car. The platform allows customers to shop personalized rates and terms on all of its inventory after they fill out a pre-qualifying form, which takes just two minutes — without impacting your credit score.

The company’s founders understand that many car buyers are done with dealerships and the sales pitches, hidden fees, lengthy paperwork applications, and hours of waiting around. That’s why they’ve removed these barriers to create an effortless way to buy a car.

Early in the pandemic, a survey conducted by revealed that 42% of buyers wanted to handle vehicle financing online. Today, by offering an alternative, Carooga is switching up the gears for how the industry has functioned up until now.

Designed to remove the hassle of visiting car dealerships and place buying power back into the hands of the consumer, the platform is easy to use and offers its “single, best price upfront,” which Loeppky says is no different than “you walking into the grocery store and plucking something off the shelf.”

If you’re wondering what the catch is, you’ll be glad to hear there is none. “Our vehicle delivery service is fast, free, super friendly, totally reliable, and right to your driveway,” says Loeppky. “Did we mention free?”

Once customers have shopped for their personalized rates, they can purchase their dream car directly from the Carooga website and have it delivered to their home — at no extra cost. So, instead of dealing with multiple fees and haggling, you sign off on one price.

“We want everyone, from the inexperienced new driver to the single parent, to feel comfortable buying a vehicle. No more worries that you’re being taken advantage of because you don’t know any better and no more need to bring your ‘lot lawyer,’ parent, or mechanic with you to fight off those ‘sales’ people,” notes Loeppky.

Hesitancy towards buying a car directly from a dealership isn’t just something that has cropped up since the pandemic hit. Back in 2016, the Beepi Consumer Automotive Index revealed that 24% of Gen X Americans said they’d rather have a root canal than get into a negotiation with a car dealer.

Unlike car buying businesses that claim to be fully online but still involve the same offline tactics, added fees, and wait times, every step of the process is digital and simplified with Carooga. Along with the ability to provide buyers with personalized finance terms — within two minutes — Carooga also offers a seven-day, risk-free test-drive period.

If you’re not happy with your vehicle at the end of the test-drive period, you have the option to exchange it or get your money back — no questions asked. Carooga will pick up the vehicle or bring you an exchange. It’s an efficient, convenient, and comfortable way to buy a car in BC.

The company also offers quality 360-degree videos of all of its vehicles, allowing would-be buyers the opportunity to virtually sit in the driver’s seat for a test drive before they purchase.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit now to get pre-qualified and find the car that suits your needs.

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