Ask an expert: Shape your career goals with this Canadian top employer

Sep 16 2019, 5:25 pm

Having the opportunity to pursue a fulfilling career is one of the greatest privileges in life. And when you have the support of the company you work for, you’re even more inspired to progress and thrive in your role.

Just ask Rick Dhesa.

In the summer of 2010, Dhesa began working at BCAA’s Langley Service Location as an Insurance Advisor. BCAA provided him training for Home and Travel Insurance, along with training for their Membership services. Needless to say, Dhesa was impressed by how much the company invested in him, right from the beginning.

Working for a Canadian Top Employer like BCAA means you have plenty of opportunities to build your career, all while being a part of an award-winning organization.

BCAA trains experts who aim to simplify the insurance process for customers. This year, their hard work paid off: the company was once again ranked the number one Most Trusted Brand in Canada for insurance by the University of Victoria’s Gustavson Brand Trust Index.

To help employees like Dhesa reach their professional goals, BCAA offers a fully paid insurance training program. The company also supports its employees’ learning and advancement by empowering them to take professional development courses, both at BCAA and with other organizations.


During his first year with BCAA, Dhesa recalls increasing his insurance knowledge and developing his customer service skills by working with BCAA products and services such as Membership, Roadside Assistance, Insurance, Member Rewards, and more.

He worked as an Insurance Advisor for two years, and then he set his eyes on a new goal: working in BCAA’s Marketing department. To make his dreams a reality, he decided to leave BCAA and pursue further education in marketing. “I always had the intention of coming back to BCAA,” says Rick Dhesa. “I enjoyed the people and managers that I worked with, and I felt like I was part of a really supportive team versus each person working on their own.”

Dhesa returned to BCAA in 2013 as a part-time Senior Insurance Advisor, which allowed him to continue with his marketing program on the side. Knowing his desire to work with BCAA’s Marketing team, Dhesa’s manager worked with his schedule to ensure he had sufficient time to study and complete his school assignments.

“As a part-time Senior Insurance Advisor, I was able to work at different BCAA Service Locations to help when they needed extra staff,” says Dhesa. He explains that the opportunity to collaborate with so many different employees and managers within BCAA was incredibly valuable to his career.

In 2016, Dhesa achieved two major goals: first, he received his Marketing Management Diploma, and second, he took on the role of Marketing Coordinator with the Product Development team at BCAA. That same year, he celebrated with the Marketing team when they won “BCAMA Marketer of the Year.” Dhesa’s passion also led him to win a G.E.M. Award (one of the company’s highest achievements) for going the extra mile and developing insurance product pages for BCAA’s newly-launched intranet site.

But it didn’t stop there; Dhesa wanted to continue advancing his career and began looking into a leadership role. This led him to his current position as Assistant Manager at BCAA’s Abbotsford Service Location — a career move that resulted in a better work-life balance for him and his family.

Work-life balance is a priority at BCAA, which is why employees have a Health and Wellness Reimbursement Benefit Program, free access to an onsite fitness centre and a subsidized cafeteria, and the use of a shared electric vehicle.

Dhesa says a common misconception that people have about BCAA is that you need an advanced insurance education or a degree to work at the organization. “While education is a great asset, BCAA is a company that recognizes that a drive to do your best work and keep learning is already a great start,” he says.

Dhesa’s story highlights the flexibility and opportunities available to BCAA employees.

For instance, your career can start in the Evo Car Share, BCAA Auto Service Centres, Road Assist, Marketing, IT, People and Development or other departments, and grow from there. Simply put: the possibilities are endless when you’re a BCAA team member.


Your job should add value to your life, so why not consider building a rewarding career with a company like BCAA? You could be one short application away from your dream job.

For more information on how to start your career with BCAA, click here.

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