7 unique gift ideas that show others you care

Dec 17 2020, 9:44 am

When the holiday season approaches every year, we’re tasked with finding gifts for the friends and family members on our list.

More often than not, we purchase new versions of items they already have, which are essentially things they don’t need urgently. If you’re tired of doing this and would like to bring the people closest to you together to end inequality, consider a CARE Gift.

CARE Canada helps women and girls in developing countries lift themselves and their families out of poverty and out of crisis. Every CARE Gift is symbolic; it’s an example of an item used in CARE’s poverty-fighting work.

By sending any of the following gifts this season, you’re helping build a more equal tomorrow. If that’s not true holiday magic, we don’t know what is.

Send a girl to school

Education is one of the most powerful gifts anyone can give to young girls in developing countries. Supporting CARE’s education program helps children get access to teachers, school materials, a safe learning environment, and meals to help their young minds develop. Select matched gifts (marked with the “x2” icon) on caregifts.ca allow you to double your impact, and this is one of them.

Water treatment

Filling up our water bottles at home is almost second nature and something we wouldn’t worry about doing. In developing countries, water sources are often contaminated, posing health risks to surrounding communities. CARE’s water treatment gift helps families recovering from emergencies gain access to water that’s safe and free from water-borne illnesses like cholera.

Emergency food for a child

Nutritious food is essential to a child’s development, and severely malnourished children need foods that are high in protein and calories to help them gain weight and build strength. Sending this gift to someone you love results in emergency food for a child on the other side of the world. CARE’s ready-to-use food has already helped nourish thousands of children globally.

Shelter repair kit

Since the pandemic hit, people living all over the world have been forced to spend more time at home. For those living in developing countries, this looks a lot different, especially if their homes require repairs. CARE’s shelter repair kit helps families recover after a disaster by supplying roofing, tools, nails, and other materials. This matched gift gives back twice as much.

Emergency hygiene kit

Shopping for hygiene products regularly is something many of us take for granted, but these items are not as easy for everyone to access. Supporting this CARE program means hygiene kits (including toothpaste, soap, sanitary pads, detergent powder, napkins, and a brush) can be supplied to women during a crisis to support their needs. This is also a matched gift that doubles your impact.

Warm blankets

The gift of a warm blanket might not sound like much, but it means a lot to a family in need. By purchasing a gift to aid this CARE program, you’ll help a family struggling in the wake of an emergency to stay warm with a package of six quality blankets.

Give where it’s needed most

Timing is everything during an emergency, and this package gives CARE funds that enable the charity to respond to major crises quickly. Giving a gift where it’s needed most lets the CARE team rush to support families in crisis around the world.

CARE supports the heroes on the ground in developing countries by facilitating their incredible work and providing the tools they need to lift themselves and their communities out of poverty and crisis.

All CARE Gifts are tax-deductible and help families grow healthy food, send their children to school, or access life-saving healthcare and clean water. To shop the full list of CARE Gifts for Equality, visit caregifts.ca.

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