Cardio enthusiast breaks out of comfort zone to try heavy weights

Sep 6 2016, 7:30 pm

Written for Daily Hive by YMCA Member Krystell Peralta

Getting to the gym can be a struggle. But for anyone who’s sustained a serious injury, all you dream of is being healthy enough to get moving again.

About two years ago I hurt my lower back when I slipped and fell. I wasn’t able to exercise at all. It honestly was the most frustrating period of my life. 

I’m a determined person so I worked extremely hard to get healthy enough to be active. I can’t describe the joy I felt just being able to walk on a treadmill again. It’s been a long journey and now that I am able to go to the gym on a regular basis, I really want to ensure I don’t injure my back again. I try to maintain proper form when doing any kind of exercise.

As a member of the YMCA, I really enjoy drop-in fitness classes such as Bootcamp and Zumba. I’m also looking forward to trying the new rolling class called Roll With It this fall.

However, one area that’s always been a bit intimidating to me has been the heavy weight area. All those machines seem a bit foreign to me. Plus, the last thing I want to do is derail my health with another injury.

So I decided to get Personal Trainer Jesus Pabar to show me the ropes. From the shoulder press machines to the free weights, he greatly expanded my workout options. He showed me a ton of exercises that I never could have learned on my own. With his expert guidance, I was totally comfortable trying squats and deadlifts without putting my back at risk.

Not only was it a great workout, he made it fun. He also helped me set realistic goals given my busy schedule. 

Sometimes it’s the little things at the gym that can be intimidating, so I appreciated him filling me in on the weightlifting etiquette when the area is busy. Insider knowledge makes all the difference!

So what’s next? Now I’m ready to inspire some of my fellow nursing students on the joys of weightlifting. Breaking out of my routine has really expanded my fitness interests. See you at the gym.

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