Need wheels? Check out car2go's zippy new car

Sep 13 2016, 2:20 am

Since its beginning, car2go has changed the way people travel. Its Vancouver fleet of 1000 vehicles is the largest in North America and the company continues to upgrade it on a regular basis.

One of these upgrades comes in the form of the new epic smart fortwo – a next gen Smart. This changes the game for members who want a high caliber ride, making traveling ultra convenient and comfortable.

The new cars will appear in the car2go app as the “fortwo new”, with a photo of the newly designed vehicle so that members can easily find and drive the new cars. Prior generation vehicles will appear in the car2go app as “fortwo”. Anyone who’s not a member can register for free online by using the promotion code UPGRADE, scoring a $5 driving credit too.

We’ve compiled a list of the top five benefits members will experience when driving the advanced smart fortwo.


The new car2go is wider, providing drivers and passengers with a roomier interior and additional trunk storage space.


Bluetooth access allows drivers and passengers to rock out to their own music and make hands-free calls.


These extra details make the car2go more appealing than ever before thanks to its increased convenience. You’ll love the car’s incredibly tight turning radius that means it can almost literally turn on a dime. The car unlocks in about five seconds, enabling members to quickly hop in and drive away. Last but not least- seat warmers ensure car2go members can warm themselves up quickly on Vancouver’s wet and chilly days.


car2go has always been super safe, but the new car has even more safety enhancements. Features in the new smart fortwo car2go include a rigid Tridion safety shell made of ultra-high strength steel, crosswind assist that automatically compensates for strong gusts of wind to keep drivers on-course, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability (known as ESP® in most cars), along with airbags for drivers and passengers.


Get excited for a car that has more zip to get you around the city like a pro. Expect a more powerful motor and a new six-speed twinamic dual-clutch transmission that provides the smoothest, quickest car2go ride ever.

With nearly two million members globally, car2go is the world’s largest carsharing program, designed to complement multiple forms of transportation including cycling, walking, and public transit. Its unique one-way model offers members the convenience and freedom of vehicle ownership without the responsibilities or costs. Better yet, no reservations are required so members can just hop in and drive.

To celebrate the fleet’s upgrade, car2go is offering Daily Hive readers an exclusive registration deal. Now you can register for free and get a $5 driving credit by using the promotion code UPGRADE.

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