Canucks ticket prices to drop in lower bowl next season

Dec 19 2017, 8:24 pm

The Vancouver Canucks have sent out season ticket membership renewals for next season, and there will be some price drops.

Season ticket member prices are staying the same in most of the arena, with the exception of three newly priced seating sections in the lower bowl. The new pricing categories will affect members with full-season, half-season, ice packs, and (presumably) single game ticket buyers.

Image: Vancouver Canucks

Image: Vancouver Canucks

As you can see from the image above, the lower bowl end-zone sections have been split.

The cheapest per-game seat price for season ticket members next year will be $42.53 in the upper bowl and $94.60 in the lower bowl. The highest price is row 1 in the club section, which will cost $204.75 per game for season ticket members. Prices for half-season ticket holders and ice pack holders are marginally more per game. Single-game prices traditionally cost more as well.

The move is prudent one by the team, as most of the empty seats at Rogers Arena this season have been in the lower bowl end-zones. It gives the impression that the arena is emptier than it is, as the upper bowl is close to full every night.

The Canucks are averaging 18,428 fans per game this season, which is 99.2% of the 18,570 capacity at Rogers Arena for hockey games this season.

The question now is will fans renew in those sections after what they’ve seen this season?

With Vancouver’s lacklustre play on home ice this season, 11 wins in 29 games, the club should be careful about how they price tickets. They have taken a conservative approach here, keeping prices the same for the sections that sold.