Canucks: The big question - who should play with the twins?

Dec 19 2017, 5:08 pm

There are some looming questions heading into one of the biggest games of the season (tomorrow), and tonight’s warm-up skate.

  1. Which Canuck is going to man up and punch Brad Marchand in the face?
  2. Why start Luongo against the Oilers when the only game we care about is Boston?
  3. Who can play with the Sedins?

They’re all head scratchers but the third one is a real stumper.

Henrik has taken full responsibility for the brothers’ lack of production (from Jason Botchford):

“I don’t think it matters who they put with us, as long as we’re on top of our game. We haven’t been.”

Admirable, but completely untrue – it does matter. It matters when they add a winger who hands the puck to the other team every time it’s his turn to jump into the cycle (hint: his name rhymes with tooth), and it’s no wonder the points have dried out.

Here are the options:

David Booth

Booth’s play on their line can be summed up in six words: really really extremely horrible and bad.

David Ebner, Canucks beat writer for the Globe and Mail, looked at the underlying statistics in his article and came to this conclusion:

Booth is the only Canuck with whom the Sedins see more shots attempted against the Canucks than for.

Ouch. Okay can we all just agree that Booth should never play with the Sedins again?

Jannik Hansen

Jannik Hansen is perfect for the role. He’s a forechecking monster, he’s smart and he goes to the right places. So what the hell is going on?

Hansen hasn’t been himself lately. He’s been losing pucks and screwing up the cycle almost as badly as Booth and it’s likely because he’s trying to protect his shoulder from being injured again.

Playing in fear of a shoulder dislocation will ruin the game of your most tenacious player.

Until Hansen feels more confident, he’s not the guy.

Zack Kassian

Kassian was slotted to play with the Sedins when the season began and he’s had success with them in the past. So why isn’t John Tortorella playing him there now?

I see… Torts’ line “he’s a project” sounds more like “he’s incompetent” here.

Oh, and he’s a defensive liability too.

Mike Santorelli

The only reason Santorelli is not playing with the twins is because he, Kesler and Higgins have been on fire.

Santorelli is the second coming of Alex Burrows – he’s hard working, smart, and he has poise and quick hands. If anyone can succeed with the twins, it’s him.

That’s okay, neither did we. We know now, and it might be worthwhile to get the Sedins’ confidence going again by adding the new sparkplug to their line.

Sarah McLachlan

After Wednesday’s Dice and Ice event, he knows who she is.

[youtube id=q3qESomt1TA]

Whoa guys, Zac Dalpe can sing.

Anyways, it’s your turn: who should play with the Sedins?

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