Canucks rumoured to be unveiling new "reverse retro" jersey next season

Oct 30 2020, 8:08 pm

Are the Vancouver Canucks going to unveil another new jersey for next season?

It certainly seems like it.

The official NHL Shop appeared to let it slip this week, telling fans to “be on the lookout” for “reverse retro jerseys” from the “upcoming Power 31 collection.”

Promising a “fresh new twist on the retro jersey,” it’s the first official reference to the reverse retro series according to Icethetics, a jersey/logo website that follows these kinds of things very closely.

Not long after Icethetics posted the screenshot to Twitter, the line about reverse retro jerseys was removed from the website.

The reverse retro jersey concept has been rumoured for weeks, with apparent leaks occurring for fourth jersey designs for the Pittsburgh Penguins, Philadelphia Flyers, Anaheim Ducks, and Vegas Golden Knights.

“We don’t have anything to announce or confirm related to new uniforms at this time,” a Canucks spokesperson told Daily Hive, but perhaps the operative phrase there is “at this time.”

Icethetics is reporting that all 31 NHL teams will unveil a new jersey next season, with a league-wide release to occur in mid-November.

The Canucks made tweaks to their primary home and away uniforms last season, removing “Vancouver” from the front of the jersey. They also introduced a new “heritage” third jersey, to go along with bringing back the popular 1990s black Flying Skate uniforms — though the Skate jersey was only promised for the 50th anniversary season.

Given the “reverse” nature of the rumoured jersey series, perhaps this is an opportune time to introduce a green jersey for the first time.

Here’s how their original blue Stick-in-Rink uniforms would look, with blue reversed for green.


The original Canucks jersey, with blue and green reversed (Jodie Lavery/Daily Hive)

The Canucks could also opt to wear the Vancouver Millionaires or Flying V jerseys, with the current blue and green colour scheme.

Or how about getting bold, by reversing yellow and black on the Skate jersey? Though perhaps that doesn’t look different enough from their look from the late 1980s.


The popular black Skate jersey, with black and yellow reversed (Jodie Lavery/Daily Hive)

Other jerseys worth consideration?

How about tapping in to the pre-NHL Canucks, that played in the WHL?

Are the West Coast Express jerseys worth revisiting?

naslund canucks

Markus Naslund in the Original Orca uniform (Vancouver Canucks)

Or what about the third jerseys from that era?

Third jerseys from the early 2000s (Vancouver Canucks)

Speaking of third jerseys, these would be a hit:

Salmon third jerseys from the 1990s (Vancouver Canucks)

When it comes to the Canucks and jerseys, there is never a shortage of options to choose from.

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