Canucks Post-Game Sixpack - Islanders game? Luongo said he'd still be here!

Dec 19 2017, 1:27 pm

For Eddie Lack, revenge was a dish best served on ice.

Ouch, let me try that again.

Eddie Lack’s birthday present came one day late this year.

Better? Still lame? Whatever.

The important thing is the Canucks took a two goal lead against the Islanders into the third period and this time they held on for the 3-2 win. (rather than letting in seven like last time around).

Islanders fans in the Arena were not impressed.

I’m guessing the long faces are in reaction to seeing how ridiculous they look on the jumbotron.

1. Bieksa the bipolar

Kevin Bieksa will probably be a force for the Canucks when the playoffs come around because he’ll be focused and alert. Unfortunately, Vancouver’s not halfway through their season yet, so he’s prone to the kind of brain cramps only Bieksa can have.

During the first period Bieksa was marking Matt Martin in front of his own net, and as the pass came from Travis Hamonic, all #3 had to do was take Martin’s stick.

But Bieksa didn’t remember… and Martin tipped in the puck.

During the second period, Bieksa made up for it by setting up Nick Bonino.

Good Bieksa was back. For a few minutes.

Unfortunately Casual Kev returned for a shift in the third. With two chances to clear the puck, he screwed up both, leading directly to Mikhail Grabovski’s goal.

2. Burrows’ ______ return

The Sedins have been somewhat ineffective lately, especially at even strength. While they have a couple of good shifts a game, there haven’t been many games where they’ve dominated opponents with their cycle like they were doing early this season.

So finally, Alex Burrows was reunited with his old friends.

Why did it take so long? No idea. You’d hope Desjardins would be ahead of casual fans on his line changes, but this one was a long time coming.

What Willie Desjardins was saying:

“I think his history is what influences me, more than anything. He’s played there in the past and I think he just gives us a different look.”

Not the fact he’s been one of the most consistent Canuck forwards this year at creating chances in the offensive end?

Not the fact he’s made players around him better all year?

Not the fact he’s having a renaissance year, proving last year was an injury-filled anomaly, and could thus fill his old role alongside the Sedins like he used to?

Henrik Sedin was excited about it. His comments on the last time they played with Burrows:

“It was a while ago… I don’t think we’ve had more than a few shifts here and there the last two years. It should be fun.”

Was it fun?

Burrows with with the Sedins was no more potent than the top line has been with Vrbata lately. Still, Burr fit into the cycle well, and they did have a few exciting chances.

Stick with it, coach – there’s some magic left in this line.

3. Lack came back

Tuesday morning, Eddie Lack didn’t know he’d be playing against the Islanders. Actually, he thought he’d get Thursday’s game against Florida and Roberto Luongo.

Still, he wanted this one.

He got the win. His stats: two goals allowed and a .913 save percentage.

And now I present our resident mathematician Ryan Biech.

Solid work, Ryan. And Eddie.

4. Always Kassian

As long as Zack Kassian’s in the lineup (and not traded to another team) I’ll have to reserve an s-pack spot for him.

If he has a bad game, he’ll be scratched, and if he has a good game, coaches/management will say “show me more.”

Against the Islanders, he had a good game. He was physical, he used his size and he even helped set up a goal. You’ll see it on the replay 30 seconds into this.

A tweet that is probably about me:

Oh come on Mike, I don’t do that.

Fine. But so does Wagner.

Some more tweets about the man-beast.

What did Desjardins think of Kassian’s play?

Called it.

Kassian was great. Thing is, Linden Vey, who played for late-scratch Radim Vrbata (illness), also had a great game. Neither Vey nor Kassian should be scratched next game based on their their performances against the Isles.


5. Rogers Library

Actually, libraries are louder than Vancouver’s hockey arena these days with all the people typing away on their laptops.

Maybe I should give the fans a break though. We all know Tuesday’s game was a speed bump on the way to this week’s main event (see number 6 for more on that).

With the Canucks up 2-1 in the second period, someone started the wave.

My suggestion.

B2B’s better suggestion.

Wave update?

A wave with a one-goal lead. What have we come to, Vancouver? Are we Hurricanes fans now?

6. Screw this game, Luongo’s coming!

Jason Botchford tweeted this earlier Tuesday.

My idea.


Just a thought.

A month ago, I was tweeting about how if Luongo had got to play in the Heritage Classic, he’d probably still be a Canuck. Some disagreed with me.


At his media availability after practice Tuesday, Luongo was asked if things would’ve been different had he got that start. His reply.

“That goes without saying, and if I would have played I probably would maybe still be here. Who knows?”

Some are calling it a “troll-job” by Lu, and something he snuck into the end of his media availability. It wasn’t. Luongo was asked in the middle of the presser if getting that start would’ve made a difference, and he answered it honestly without a hint of sarcasm or a smile.

Makes sense – right after the game, Luongo had his agent Pat Brisson call Mike Gillis to demand a trade. Gillis gave Brisson the green light to shop Luongo, and Florida bit. You know the rest of the story.

But before you get too upset Canucks fans, Lu said he’s moved on. He said his only regret from his time in Vancouver is that he never brought the city a Stanley Cup.

We feel the same, Roberto.

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