Canucks SixPack: A performance for the record books

Dec 19 2017, 8:54 pm

The last SixPack began with me asking if 11 games would be enough for the team to score a goal.

It was meant to be a joke but the countdown is officially on…

It’s at 10 games now.

During Vancouver’s third straight shutout to the opposing team (a 2-0 loss to the Jets), they set a new franchise record for time without a goal.


Good time to bring up Jim Benning predicting this would be a 100 point team?

Maybe not.

We need to laugh this off. (This season, I mean)

Solid work.

This, not so much.

Rogers with the amateur hour gif (thanks to @RyanBiech for bringing it to our attention).


1. A trip down memory lane

Did you think Daniel Sedin’s comments calling out his teammates after Saturday’s loss would wash away?

Quick reminder:

After practice Monday, Daniel said a lot more. The biggest thing he said:

“Looking back at the St. Louis game, honestly we played pretty good. It was more about trying to instill those things in all the guys.”

Calling the St. Louis game a good effort? That’s the Daniel we know.


2. More Daniel

Daniel said more on Monday, clarifying Saturday’s comments:

“When you’re up here and you’re with this organization all we ask for is you put the effort in off the ice and on the ice. With the group we have right now, all the young guys, that message I think needs to get through.

“For the most part we do a great job of it too – the young guys come up to work hard. I think it needs to be on a daily basis too. I think that’s the one thing you can control as a player… Down the stretch here and even for next year, like I said, don’t accept anything less than that.

“You get confidence from doing all the little things off the ice, on the ice – that’s how you have success as a group.”

Burrows weighed in too:

“I totally agree with (Daniel) too. I back his comments 100 percent. We need better. We need more intensity. We need guys to battle harder if we want to be successful in this league.”


3. The no shows

If you were hoping for immediate results from Daniel’s kick in the butt, keep praying.

…for a better defence… for some guys who can score… this list goes on.

After the game, Willie dropped this: “One guy, one breakdown can make everybody scramble out of position and you just get running.”

What was he talking about?

First, asking Bartkowski to stop making sloppy plays is a tall order.


What’s he doing here?

He could’ve led the breakout with any of three breakout passes. Instead, he panics, bobbles the puck and dumps it into his own corner.

Pedan on the other hand is young and learning. So you hope he won’t make this mistake again.


Last man back, shooting into the block… bad idea.

Grenier had his own braindead moment:


This play is likely worse than it looks. Watch Higgins’ angle – he’s skating for the basic breakout play off the boards, likely calling for it too.

Oh well, Grenier and Pedan are young. And Bartkowski has 10 games left.


4. The positive responses

There were a couple of plays that made you think Daniel’s teammates heard him.

I didn’t say ten, I said a couple.

First – Baertschi throwing the biggest hit of his career (on the glass) to try to trap the puck in the offensive zone.


Second – Virtanen wasn’t letting anyone grab his sweater on this night.


I’d include some of Markstrom’s saves here too but for two reasons:

1. 48 gifs would take a long time to make (and look at)

2. His performance wasn’t a response to any comments. He played great like he has all season long.


5. Back to Tryamkin

Pretty sure you’d be just fine with me devoting the remaining SixPacks to tracking Tryamkin’s performances.

I’m seriously considering it.

He did some good stuff against the Jets. He was second amongst defensemen in corsi-for, behind only Alex Biega.

He used his hops and reach to grab this puck 20 feet above the ice surface to create a nice shot.


And he later made the best defensive play of his career so far.



6. Will they ever score again?


(Thanks @DesaiSeventy7 for the housing price suggestion)


That’ll happen.

That won’t.


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