Canucks introduce player-specific goal songs

Dec 19 2017, 5:58 pm

The Vancouver Canucks will be testing out a new idea this season with regards to one of their most controversial topics: the goal song.

Every year, the Canucks choose a goal song (or keep an old one) and every year only about 10% of fans are happy with the selection. Of course, the other 90% can’t agree on one they all like either. In short, it has proven by be an impossible job for the Canucks DJ to find a song that is universally loved.

Last year, the Canucks chose to go with U2 – Miracle and everyone hated it. In recent years they went with Black Keys – Gold on the Ceiling, Clutch – Electric Worry and Green Day – Holiday.

So now they’re taking a new approach. And it’s awesome.

This season the Canucks will allow individual players to pick their own goal song. That means that when Alex Burrows scores, you could hear some Franco-Rock or when Jake Virtanen scores, you could hear some Garth Brooks blasting at Rogers Arena (maybe that’s why his teammates are calling him “Big Country”).

Baseball has done this for years, where players choose their own walk-up music and it has been hugely successful.

Now, this doesn’t mean that everyone will be happy about the songs each player chooses, but at least it will be reflective of their personality. That, or at least now we’ll know who to blame. Imagine being able to criticize Luca Sbisa for not just his play on the ice, but for his taste in music too! The possibilities are endless.

The only player not to choose a song was Radim Vrbata. The Canucks are allowing fans to choose his song (some early responses are MC Hammer – Can’t Touch This and Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal).

For now, the Canucks aren’t revealing what song each player has chosen, but apparently the choices are all over the map. When asked about what kind of music we’ll be hearing, a source with the team told me “lots of hip hop and rock, a bit of techno, very little country”. So get ready for some Euro dance music (Baertschi?), some death metal (Prust?), some hip hop (Horvat?) and some hipster rock (Tanev?) because player-specific goal songs are coming to Rogers Arena!