Canucks should hire Bartkowski's mom Beth as team spokesperson

Dec 19 2017, 8:06 pm

Filter? Matt Bartkowski’s mom Beth has never heard of the word.

She hadn’t heard of Canucks’ GM Jim Benning before November either, by the way.

Thanks to her lack of a filter, we heard this story and much more as she spoke on TSN 1040 Wednesday.

Beth is one of the Canucks’ players mothers accompanying the team on their current two-game road trip. By now you’ve probably seen her Sportsnet interview during the Colorado game but you can watch it again here.

It won’t get old anytime soon.

[youtube id=wwHuz-0lPJI]

Lucky for us, Mom Bartkowski followed up her TV appearance with an interview on TSN 1040 Wednesday. After you see/listen to what she said you’ll be hoping the radio station signs her up for a daily show. That’s if the team doesn’t sign her up to be their spokesperson first.

First, her story on meeting Benning:

“I’m in the Vancouver rink in November and they have what they call a friends and family room and this man comes in and he’s shoving sushi in his mouth, and he goes, ‘Isn’t this the world’s best sushi? It’s from Miko.’ and I said, ‘Yeah, I need to join like an AA group like Sushi Anonymous. We need to get off the sushi,’ and he said, “Sign me up.’

I said, ‘Who are you?’ and he said, ‘Well my name’s Jim Benning.’ I said, ‘Do you work for the team?’ He goes, ‘I’m the GM.’

“I had no idea he was the GM – I signed him up for Sushi Anonymous! I didn’t even know who he was. You’re supposed to know this as a mom! I don’t know who these guys are.”

She also spoke about how she feels about the Canucks organization.

“It’s truly a very, I don’t want to say ‘high class’ organization because then you’ll think it’s snooty. It’s not. It’s like a living on the farm organization. It’s family. They all look out for each other. They all take care of each other…

“When Matthew was coming up here I said, ‘Oh my God Matthew, you’re halfway across our country and way up into Canuckland,’ and I was a little worried.

I would pay the organization to keep him. I love it that much.”

She spoke about meeting and talking to the Sedins:

“I had to touch them both twice because I’ve been a fan of them for years and years and years. They’re hockey royalty.

I said to (Matt) ‘Are they nice guys?’ He goes, ‘Mom, they’re the nicest guys in the world.’ They are truly the nicest guys you’ll ever want to meet.

“Every guy on the team is the nicest guy on the team, oh my God, except for that little 19-year-old (the little 19-year-old she was referring to must be Jared McCann). What’s his name? Oh shoot, I was chasing him at breakfast today. My son has Flat Stanley. Do you guys do Flat Stanley, the third-grade book report thing? He goes, ‘I know Flat Stanley.’ I said, ‘Yeah, that’s because you did it last year!'”

Beth spoke about her ideas for her next job:

“Wouldn’t you like to be one of those Sedins’ agents? Oh my God, I don’t even know why those boys would pay their agent, it must be the easiest job in the world – ‘Hey, I’m here with Daniel.’ ‘Oh, sign here.’

Oh my God, I think I’m going to get that job. Maybe I can get that job, what do you think?”

And one last one – this after Blake Price asked how many of her son’s goals she’s witnessed live.

“In the NHL? This is my second. What do you think? He only has three. How many do you want me to see? I’ve seen more than 50 per cent!”

You can listen to the entire interview here, and yes, there is more good stuff in it such as her and some of the other mothers’ feelings about Trevor Linden (excerpt: “Mmm hmm, yes we women are, yes I will say that, yes we women are big fans of his.”)