A post about a 12-pack of canned soup for $22 in Alberta has people talking

Mar 8 2022, 7:56 pm

A post on Reddit reportedly taken in a Calgary Safeway location of a 12-pack of Campbell’s soup priced at $22 has caused a stir online.

Many people found the price outrageous, with some saying it’s the rising cost of fuel already showing up in the price of groceries. Talk about sticker shock!

“Wtf, I remember I think two months ago I got cream of mushroom under $9,” wrote one user.

“We ain’t seen nothing yet,” wrote another user, ominously.  “Looks like someone’s making homemade soup this week,” joked another.

Yeah, this is just insane.

The post has since accumulated more than 200 comments.

Alberta certainly has some of the lowest gas prices in the country, with Premier Jason Kenney announcing yesterday that the province would be lifting its gas tax effective April 1, which will lower prices by 13 cents per litre. That can’t come soon enough!

If you are looking to reminisce on when fuel was super cheap in Alberta, check out this post that has been making the rounds.

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