Top Google searches for Canadian party leaders have nothing to do with politics

Aug 29 2019, 11:29 pm

With the federal election around the corner, Canadians have started doing their research on candidates.

But it turns out that many Canadians aren’t really searching for party platforms or policies — instead, they’re more interested in Justin Trudeau’s height and Andrew Scheer’s age.

Google Trends has complied data on what Canadians are searching for about party leaders in the weeks leading up to the election, and what issues matter most to them.

To do this, Google Trends analyzes the top search queries in Google Search across different regions and languages.

According to the data, the top questions on party leaders in Canada in the last week were:

  1. How tall is Justin Trudeau?
  2. How old is Justin Trudeau?
  3. How old is Andrew Scheer?
  4. Will Trudeau win the election in 2019?
  5. How old is Trudeau?
  6. Where does Justin Trudeau live?
  7. Who is Andrew Scheer?
  8. When was Trudeau elected?
  9. What has Trudeau done for Canada?
  10. Who is Maxime Bernier?
  11. Where is Andrew Scheer from?
  12. What party is Trudeau?
  13. Where is Trudeau’s wife these days?
  14. Where is Justin Trudeau today?
  15. How tall is Andrew Scheer?

In the last week, the most questions Canadians asked about the election were about when it’s taking place (October 21, by the way) and who will win the election (you’ll have to wait to find out).

  1. When is the Canadian federal election?
  2. Who will win the Canadian election?
  3. Will Trudeau win the election in 2019?
  4. When was Trudeau elected?
  5. What is my federal electoral district called?

Google Trends also broke down the top searched political topics in Canada, as of August 27. According to its data, the majority of Canadians were searching about health, while the remainder were looking up issues related to cannabis.


Google Trends

When it comes to the most searched political party leaders in the past 7 days, Justin Trudeau was the top search, Andrew Scheer was second, followed by Maxime Bernier (PPC), Jagmeet Singh (NDP), and Elizabeth May (Green Party).

Canadians have a little under two months to brush up on your knowledge about federal parties and their leaders ahead of the election on October 21.

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