Evidence you deserve a nap: Canadians are going to work tired according to survey

Sep 22 2016, 4:57 pm

Finally, there is evidence that you deserve a nap at work.

According to the latest survey results released by the Conference Board of Canada, 27% of Canadian workers say they are exhausted almost every day of the work week.

And, it turns out that being tired really isn’t good for your health.

“The harmful effects of fatigue are numerous, and in some cases, comparable to the effects of alcohol,” Mary-Lou MacDonald, of the Conference Board of Canada, said in a statement.

“Employers that proactively address their employees’ fatigue will have a more productive workforce and a safer working environment.”

When asked about their work productivity on days they were feeling tired, 42% of employees said that their productivity and performance also suffered.

Ironically, the report indicates that stress and job demands are the single biggest factors contributing to Canadian employees’ lack of sleep.

Other reasons why Canadians are going to work feeling tired, include home demands and physical health problems.

So go ahead, take a snooze at your desk. You deserve it.

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