Here's a brief guide to Canadian slang, eh (INFOGRAPHIC)

Jun 20 2017, 10:55 pm

Canucks are a different breed when it comes to slang, eh.

From our loonies to our double-doubles, we really tend to confuse English speakers globally. And for good reason. It’s not everyday someone asks you where you can get a jam buster and a two-four, with a response like “head out for a rip and hang a larry then a roger.”

And to help English speakers travelling to Canada, travel website Expedia has created a couple of guides to Canadian slang.

“It’s not easy meeting people when you’re travelling,” says Expedia. “The locals have their own words to describe everyday things. If only there was some way you could crack their code.”

Everyone knows a two-four wins any Canuck’s heart.

An illustrated guide to Canadian slang

And if you’re still struggling to understand, here’s how a conversation in Canadian slang goes.

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