How Canadians are reacting to US election results on social media

Nov 9 2016, 11:03 pm

In the wake of Trump’s election into office, #proudtobecanadian, #trumpocalypse, and #ElectionHangover are trending on twitter, as is #marryaCanadian.

As spectators to the months-long campaign, Canadians had the front row seat to the circus and now that the final votes have been tallied the nation is coping with an outpouring of blessings, jokes and astute observations.

I can’t believe this is real…. THIS is about to become our reality! #Wtf #DuhMerica

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Of course, not all Canadians are freaking out, and for all those proud to be Canadian today, there are just as many to point out we’re not perfect either… and maybe we should stop gloating.

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