Want to be an influencer? Let these Canadian hustlers show you how it's done with style

May 11 2018, 6:34 am

Whether you’re working a full-time job or stringing together a series of side hustles in order to survive, life can get hectic and exhausting. So it’s completely understandable to swipe through Instagram, see a handful of influencers living their best lives, and wondering how they find the time and energy to make it all happen.

So Daily Hive teamed up with UNIQLO to ask them.

We’ve asked two Canadian influencers – Toronto-based musician Del Hartley and Vancouver-based entrepreneur Danielle Wiebe – to sit down and explain to us how they manage to balance work, life, and everything in between.

So who are these shining beacons of productivity? Well, Del spends his time writing music, jamming with his band, editing, recording, or performing a gig, while Danielle runs her company Business Babes Collective, providing both online and offline resources to help women worldwide grow their businesses.

They recently took part in a vote-o-shoot where they each took over UNIQLO’s Instagram story. They asked their followers to vote for the outfit that they should wear for a fashion shoot. The clothing they were shooting? UNIQLO’s men’s relaxed ankle pants, and women’s smart style ankle pants – the ultimate work-life pants that combine style and comfort.

As you can gather, switching up the gears from work, to different events, and their own personal lives, means these influencers do not have time for uncomfortable clothing.

Passionate about smart and casual style, Danielle and Del both agreed that the pants felt comfortable and versatile, that they could easily take you from day to night – exactly what you need when you’re always on the go.

“I really enjoy that the fabric, it makes them super comfortable to wear. The fact that they’re very versatile makes it easy to go from meetings to rehearsals to even hitting the stage if need be,” says Del Hartley.

“They are really comfortable and I love that they are versatile for work and life. They are also the perfect length, I could wear them with heels or flats and they still look cute,” says Danielle Wiebe.


A typical workday

Let’s take a look at a typical day for Danielle. Her Collective has five chapters throughout North America. The Vancouver chapter is called Vancity Business Babes, where they host events and educational workshops for the purpose of collaboration, connection, and community engagement.

“The fun thing about my work schedule is that every day is so different. Some days are spent hosting one of our events and bouncing around from one meeting to another. Other days I am mostly at my home office or at a nearby coffee shop taking calls and answering e-mails,” says Danielle.

For Del, a typical workday always begins with him singing warm-ups in the shower before it continues to the studio and ends later that night at a venue. “As an independent artist, it’s important to be mobile so there aren’t many restrictions on when/where you can work. I’m always on the go,” says Del.

Work-life balance

“The importance of work-life balance is huge for me. Too much of one thing is never good in any scenario especially when you’re striving to be consistent in your art. For me, inspiration doesn’t start in the studio, it comes from living every day and really experiencing the moments that happen in real time,” says Del. He likes to unwind by socializing with friends at a restaurant or supporting other local talent at venues around the city.

Danielle says that her work-life balance comes from an acknowledgement of all the things that are more important to her than her business. “My faith, my family, my friends, my health. I always remind myself of my priorities and values and then make time for those things accordingly,” she says.

“Sometimes work will be busy and I need to make some sacrifices. However, those are usually short term and then I make sure to make time for those things that are much more important to me than my work.”

If you want to keep up with the influencers and use them as inspiration to do some influencing of your own, follow Del Hartley @delhartleyofficial and Danielle Wiebe @danilivinglife. Check out UNIQLO Canada to shop for clothing that works for your lifestyle.

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