Canadian dual citizens not affected by Trump's travel ban, says Prime Minister

Jan 30 2017, 12:37 am

Canadian citizens who are also dual citizens from the Muslim-majority countries listed by US President Donald Trump’s travel ban executive order will be able to cross the border into the United States.

Clarification was provided by the Prime Minister and Canada’s Ambassador to the United States last night following mounting confusion and backlash throughout Saturday as the temporary travel ban, signed on Friday, went into effect. Dual-citizen travellers were initially told that they could not cross a border or take a US-bound flight.

“We have been assured that Canadian citizens traveling on Canadian passports will be dealt with in the usual process,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a tweet.

Ambassador David MacNaughton added that those traveling with Canadian passports should be able to go through the “normal” entry and transit process in the United States.

The White House announced last night that green card holders can enter the US with additional screening, but the US travel ban remains in effect for Canadian permanent residents and travel visa holders. The entire refugee processing system in the US has also been temporarily suspended. Many families who live on both sides of the border are still separated as a result of the ban.

Other individuals that are particularly affected include current and prospective students studying in the US, professors who travel for research and conferences, workers who take frequent overseas business trips, and overseas tourists.

The seven countries listed in the travel ban are Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. In response to the sudden travel ban, Air Canada and WestJet said yesterday they would offer full refunds and waive cancellation fees for those affected.

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