This Canadian couple creates hilarious annual Christmas cards (PHOTOS)

Dec 20 2019, 9:27 pm

Talk about putting yourself out there.

Albertan bachelor Steve McMasters started sending out scantily clad Christmas cards to his friends and family back in 2013 as a way to bring a bit of laughter to the season.

He continued enlisting the help of Calgary’s own Loree Photography for the following years, with the 2015 card catching the eye of one Alyssa Briggs when she was at a mutual friend’s house, as it had been posted on a fridge.

Briggs and McMasters started dating the following year, and she joined in on the shoot by the time Christmas 2016 rolled around.

She made another appearance in the 2017 Christmas cards, and by 2018 the two announced an engagement with a card titled “Christmas 2018 has a nice RING to it.”

This year’s cards show the “result” of that engagement — though a post on the Loree Photography blog explained that the two hadn’t actually tied the knot quite yet.

This year’s theme? Party Like It’s 1987.


christmas card

Steve McMasters’ 2013 Christmas card (Loree Photography)


christmas card

Steve McMasters’ 2014 Christmas card (Loree Photography)


christmas card

Steve McMasters’ 2015 Christmas card (Loree Photography)


christmas card

Steve McMasters’ and Alyssa Briggs’ 2016 Christmas card (Loree Photography)


christmas card

Steve McMasters’ and Alyssa Briggs’ 2017 Christmas card (Loree Photography)


Steve McMasters’ and Alyssa Briggs’ 2018 Christmas card (Loree Photography)



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