FYI: Buses all across Canada apologize when they’re not working (PHOTOS)

Apr 5 2018, 9:07 pm

In Canada, buses are just like residents.

Very apologetic.

“Sorry” is a Canadian staple. In fact, they say if a Canadian doesn’t say “sorry” at least 8 times a day, their citizenship can be revoked.*

So perhaps it comes as no surprise to see transit systems across Canada apologizing for interruptions or failures of service, as pointed out by reddit user diszyprincess.

From Halifax to Vancouver, people have been spotting buses apologizing for years. The phenomenon is known simply as Canadian Buses.**

For those curious, here are some buses across the country being apologetic.

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And sometimes, our Canadian buses make appearances abroad… but everyone notices our politeness.

To all this we say, thank you, Canadian buses.

We know you’re sorry, eh.

And to keep this Canadian post going, here’s Justin Bieber saying “Sorry.”

*Not a fact.

**Also not a fact.

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