Canada’s first sofa-in-a-box is officially arriving in Vancouver

Sep 16 2021, 4:00 pm

Among the things we’ve learned this year is that the importance of a solid couch cannot be overestimated. There’s nothing like several months of quarantine-induced couch lounging to make you realize you’re in need of an upgrade.

If you’ve been flirting with the idea of swapping your sofa in favour of something more comfortable — or fashionable, even — that prospect may have just gotten a little easier.

Cozey, Canada’s first sofa-in-a-box, is officially arriving in Vancouver. The easy-to-assemble sofa retailer stands out from regular online retailers in that they don’t sell third-party furniture. Rather, they opt to only sell their own products — owning every step of the process from the design to the manufacturing and distribution.

For consumers and couch dwellers, this spells lower costs, better quality, and stellar service.

But perhaps what most sets the sofa supplier apart is that their modular sofas are purposefully designed to expand, adapt, and create angles. Intended to move with you throughout your ever-changing needs and spaces, the sofas can be taken apart easily to be lengthened or shortened.

Since the furniture boasts a completely tool-free assembly, you also need not worry about tracking down that pesky allen key while doing any of the aforementioned.

When placing an online order, you’re asked to select between a linear or a sectional sofa. You then choose the number of seats you want, your arm design preference, and whether you’d like an ottoman or lounging chair.

Want to add an extra seat or a corner module to your sofa to make a sectional? Those can be ordered individually at your leisure.

At your disposal, as well, is a modern colour palette that spans charcoal, dark grey, ivory, light grey, and navy blue.

The ethos behind the innovative design is that people’s lives are already complicated enough, without adding complicated furniture into the mix. As such, Cozey aims to keep things easy-breezy, “because, in the end, we believe that everyone deserves that feeling of marvellous comfort,” reads the mission statement on their website.

“There was clearly a lack of innovation in the furniture industry: long shipping lead times, poor communication with the customers and difficulty to transport and assemble furniture. Cozey focuses on simplifying Canadians’ lives by taking the complexity on our shoulders by offering a comfortable and beautiful product that is easy to use and adapt to people’s changing needs,” says Frédéric Aubé, Cozey’s CEO and founder. 

Of course, the free two-to-four day shipping turnaround also doesn’t hurt. And neither does the 30-day risk-free trial, which allows you to get a literal feel for your sofa over the course of a month of movie-marathoning and afternoon naps before having to make up your mind.

Another important pillar of the company’s philosophy: everyone deserves marvellous comfort.

Partnering with organizations within the homeless community to provide a little support and relief to those who need it most, Cozey donates boxes of warm clothing, non-perishables, and hygiene products. For every sofa purchase, one box is donated.

According to Aubé, “if we want to offer comfort to every Canadian, we have to start with the ones that need it most.”

To learn more about Cozey or start your 30-day risk-free trial, you can visit

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