Canada’s Drag Race winner talks future plans and diversity in drag (VIDEO)

Sep 4 2020, 10:36 pm

It’s official: the exuberant Toronto-based drag queen Priyanka has been crowned Canada’s First Drag Superstar.

When we spoke with her on Friday morning, the newly-dubbed Queen of the North was glowing with excitement and overwhelmed with the recent outpouring of support.

“I just think that drag is something that makes me happy, and I can’t lose to something that makes me happy. Simple,” she said.

For the finale, Priyanka battled it out with fellow finalists Scarlett BoBo and Rita Baga in a challenge that saw them record their own verses to RuPaul’s “You Wear It Well.”

In the concluding moments of the show, the judges opted to have all three contestants compete in the final lip sync. They ultimately handed Priyanka the prize.

Throughout the show, Priyanka repeatedly expressed how anxious she was about having quit her TV job to join the season. While it seems like she doesn’t need to worry about the opportunities awaiting her, Priyanka says that, for now, she can’t wait to get back on stage.

“I spent so many years on camera, and I will do some sort of online content and have fun and do that, but my heart is in live entertainment,” she shared. “I’m at the Phoenix [Theatre] again on Saturday and I get to put on this fully realized concert for people. That’s what makes my heart beat.”

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