Canada's wireless companies make most revenue per GB in the world

Jan 30 2019, 11:14 pm

Canada’s wireless carriers make the most revenue per GB in the world.

This, according to Sweden-based research firm Tefficient, which just released a new report on the global wireless market and data usage.

The study shows that Canada’s total revenue per gigabyte is roughly 70 times higher than in India, and 23 times higher than in Finland.

“Consequently, mobile usage is lower than average,” states the report, which compared 39 countries and their mobile usage.

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The study found that there are two countries that stand out ā€“ China and India.

“In the first half of 2018, these two ā€˜developingā€™ nations have overtaken several mature markets when it comes to average data consumption per subscription. The growth is incredibly fast and driven by 4G,” said Tefficient. But they aren’t yet at the top, where Finland and Taiwan reign.

The reason for those countries’ continued data usage growth is their total revenue per GB can’t be too high, which is where Canada struggles.


Tefficient explains that “most mobile operators in mature markets arenā€™t attempting to monetize voice and SMS based on usage any longer; they have instead made these allowances unlimited and included them in a flat fee.”

This means that the remaining price-defining parameter for most mobile users is data volume, they say.

And again, Canada is one of two countries that is failing at this.

“There are two countries where operators enjoy much higher total revenue per consumed gigabyte: Canada and Belgium,” says the report, which is based on the latest available data (2017.)

As for the cheaper end of the scale, India, Finland, Taiwan, Lithuania, Latvia, Thailand, Estonia, and Austria are the countries where operators earn the lowest revenue per GB.

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