BC rugby legend proposes to girlfriend on big screen at Canada Sevens (VIDEO)

Mar 12 2019, 4:37 pm

John Graf understands pressure. As a BC Sports Hall of Famer and a core member of Team Canada for three Rugby World Cups (and a pair of World Cup Sevens Tournaments), he’s gone toe to toe against some of the most physically imposing athletes on the planet.

But Graf faced a different kind of pressure this Saturday at the Canada Sevens. Under the ruse of a live halftime interview with host Casey Jo Loos on BC Place Stadium’s big screen, a conversation about Team Canada’s development took a turn for the dramatic as he dropped to one knee to propose to his partner, Anna.

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The realization of what was happening dawned slowly on the crowd, who responded with a growing crescendo of noise, erupting in a congratulatory roar the moment she said yes!

“Anna and I have been together for well over 10 years and have two kids together that are almost two and six years old,” explained Graf, after the event.

Courtesy BC Place Stadium

“She said to me a while ago that if I was ever going to get my act together and ask her to marry me it better be something big. Well, I can do something big! Watching the tournament last year a light bulb went on for me. I can’t walk a hundred feet in BC Place during the Sevens without running into old friends or family, so I thought what a perfect place to do it. I contacted the tournament organizers a few weeks ago and made it happen.”

Courtesy BC Place Stadium

Rugby players need confidence to compete at an international level. Even so, attempting a conversion through the goalposts of love in front of 40,000 fans would be a high-pressure play for anyone.

“It was a bit surreal,” he admitted.

“The moment has been unfolding for a few weeks and I had lost a little sleep over it so it was nice to have it finally happening. In my career playing for Canada, I played in a lot of stadiums like BC Place so I wouldn’t say I was nervous – it was more excitement that I was actually getting to do it. Especially when I saw the look on Anna’s face.”

Courtesy BC Place Stadium