The 15 most in-demand tech jobs in Canada right now

Mar 20 2018, 2:14 pm

Considering unemployment fell to 5.7 percent in December, a level Canada hasn’t seen in at least 40 years, there hasn’t been a better time to look for a job, especially in the tech industry.  

As the Canadian tech industry continues to grow, job openings are popping up all over, but there are a handful of roles that are more in-demand than others.

Canadian job site has released a list of the most in-demand tech jobs in Canada. The list, topped by Quality Assurance Engineer, contains a mix of entry, mid and higher-level roles.  

The list is based on the number of job postings per 1 million postings in 2017.

Check out the list of the most in-demand tech jobs in Canada below:

Job: Quality Assurance Engineer
Postings: 3,417

Job: Junior Software Engineer
Postings: 1,230

Job: Web Content Specialist
Postings: 1,104

Job: Reliability Engineer
Postings: 1,099

Job: Junior Developer
Postings: 804

Job: Machine Learning Engineer
Postings: 757

Job: Product Engineer
Postings: 639

Job: Product Development Engineer
Postings: 582

Job: Director of Product Management
Postings: 550

Job: Production Engineer
Postings: 423

Job: Game Tester
Postings; 392

Job: Junior Java Developer
Postings: 377

Job: Operations Engineer
Postings: 290

Job: Junior Front End Developer
Postings: 277

Job: Computer Engineer
Postings: 261

So, where are the tech jobs?

According to Indeed’s data, Toronto is home to 28 per cent of Canada’s tech job opportunities, followed by Montreal with 18 per cent.

“Finding and retaining top tech talent is important to employers across Canada but it can definitely be a challenge: 33% of tech jobs in Vancouver are hard to fill for example, meaning the role stays open on Indeed for longer than 60 days,” said Jodi Kasten, managing director at Indeed Canada.

According to Kasten, the high demand is great news for tech talent but it can also be challenging for the employers looking to fill these critical roles.

“As every company looks to innovate and grow through technology, it will be even more crucial for companies of all sizes to look to new solutions that will help them hire quality candidates and to close the talent gap in tech,” continued Kasten.  

Canadian tech opportunities:

Indeed’s data also revealed where Canada’s tech job opportunities lie. Twenty-eight per cent of Canada’s tech job opportunities can be found in Toronto where 11 per cent of all jobs in the city are tech-related.

Montreal, Canada’s second-largest tech jobs hub, is home to 18 per cent of Canada’s tech jobs, yet despite this, a quarter or more of the tech jobs in each city are hard-to-fill, meaning they stay open and unfilled for 60 days or longer. 

City  % National tech jobs  % Local jobs  % Hard to Fill 
Toronto  28  11  25% 
Montréal  18  10  28% 
Vancouver  9  7  33% 
Ottawa  6  8  25% 
Calgary  4  4  25% 
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