"We owe you so much": Canada honours National Nursing Week

May 9 2022, 8:58 pm

This week marks National Nursing Week in Canada, and in the third year of the pandemic, the theme is #WeAnswerTheCall.

Nursing Week will run from May 9 to 15 and is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson. The annual celebration, initiated by the Canadian Nursing Association (CNA), happens the week of Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Born May 12, 1820, Nightingale is known for pioneering modern nursing.

To honour nurses, the CNA is asking Canadians to use hashtags #CNA2022 #WeAnswerTheCall #IKnowANurse #NationalNursingWeek #IND2022 #Nurses2022 #VoiceToLead on social media. Nurses will share stories about their work, and others are encouraged to share their stories about how nurses have helped them or the nurses they know and love.

You can also write a thank you letter to any nurse who may help you this week or throughout the year.

“This year’s theme – #WeAnswerTheCall – recognizes the tireless efforts of thousands of nurses who show up every day in Canada’s hospitals, long-term care homes, and public health settings to keep us and our loved ones safe,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a statement.

He acknowledged the hard work nurses have done since the start of the pandemic.

“Over the past two years, they have worked long hours, risked their health, and faced physical and mental exhaustion on the front lines of the pandemic. Many have also worked behind the scenes in everything from contact tracing to supporting the development of public health policies and programs to help keep Canadians healthy,” he wrote.

“Every day, they continue to take care of our most vulnerable, administer vaccines and booster shots, and work hard to protect us and our communities.”

Trudeau is asking Canadians to thank nurses alongside him and said that we all owe a lot to the nurses who work in Canada.

“As we mark the beginning of National Nursing Week, I invite all Canadians to join me in thanking our nurses. We are incredibly grateful for your hard work, sacrifices, and dedication, and as a country, we owe you so much.”

In Toronto, the “Toronto” sign at City Hall will be lit blue to honour National Nursing Week.

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