Canadians are gambling on the US election... literally

Nov 8 2016, 2:39 am

US Presidential elections are often covered like the Super Bowl, so I guess it makes sense that you can gamble on it like a sporting event now.

Hillary Clinton is currently the favourite on, listed at 1.17, with Donald Trump at 4.50. Longshots Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and Evan McMullin are all listed at 500.00.

But just like the Super Bowl, the gambling options don’t stop there.

Want to bet on the next President being anyone other than Clinton or Trump? You can get 24.00 odds on that.

Here are some other bets available:

  • Any party/person other than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to win a State (4.70)
  • Bernie Sanders to form new party before end of 2016 (9.00)
  • Donald Trump to win no States in the Election (90.00)
  • Donald Trump to sever ties with the Republican Party before end of November 2016 (4.70)
  • Donald Trump to form new party before end of 2016 (9.50)
  • The Popular Vote Winner to lose the Election (5.70)
  • Republicans and Democrats to tie with 269 Electoral College votes each (35.00)

You can also gamble on which party will control the Senate, who will win the popular vote, what voter turnout will be like, and what time the concession speech will take place.

For obvious reasons, gambling on the election in the United States is illegal, but there are no such restrictions on the American election in Canada.

More than $649,000 has been wagered on US politics in British Columbia alone, according to, a website owned by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

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