Lawsuit forces Canada Dry to remove the claim that it's 'made from real ginger'

Jan 14 2019, 10:34 pm

To settle a lawsuit that pointed out that there is, in fact, no ginger in Canada Dry, the drink’s company is removing the claim from its packaging.

Keurig Dr. Pepper, Inc. denies any wrong-doing, and maintain that their products have always been truthfully labelled.

…But, they’re still agreeing to drop the “made from real ginger” statement that’s stamped onto the side of all cans of Canada Dry.

And if you peep the ingredients list of these fizzy drinks, you’ll see why.

Daily Hive Staff

Daily Hive Staff

In these green cans you’ll find carbonated water, sugar/glucose-fructose, citric acid, sodium benzoate, colour, and natural flavour.

No ginger though.

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In addition to removing the claim, Keurig Dr. Pepper, Inc. will be refunding households in the United States for personal purchases of Canada Dry since 2013. The refunds will cap at $5.20 per home without proof of purchase, and $40 with proof of purchase.

Canadian households won’t be eligible for these refunds.

Canadians will, however, be eligible for purchasing the updated and more honest Canada Dry cans sometime in the near future.

Daily Hive StaffDaily Hive Staff

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