Team Canada's Honda Celebration of Light 2017 fireworks song list (MUSIC VIDEOS)

Aug 6 2017, 5:37 pm

Artistry and creativity with Vancouver’s long-running annual fireworks competition reached new heights with Team Canada’s stunning performance on Saturday, August 5.

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Royal Pyrotechnie incorporated original narrations into its epic orchestral soundtrack for the final show of the 27th annual Honda Celebration of Light. Each narration enabled the designers to split the show into three chapters as part of the overarching theme of ‘Legends of Fire’.

The fireworks show opened with the upbeat tune of “Summer of ’69” by Bryan Adams to fulfill the competition requirement of including a shortlisted Canadian song.

To support the concept of a ‘legendary’ theme, other than the first song the soundtrack completely revolved around utilizing epic orchestral music.

This included cinematic music from Sherlock Holmes and King Arthur by Hans Zimmer, The Golden Compass by Alexandre Desplat, and Avatar by James Horner. Two ‘epic’ themes from Audiomachine delivered the finale.

The winner of this year’s Celebration of Light will be announced on Tuesday morning.

Full video of Team Canada’s show at the 2017 Honda Celebration of Light

1. “Summer of ’69” by Bryan Adams

First Narration: “The mythology of a people reveals their relation to a spiritual and invisible world. Mystical legends and superstitions inherited from the ancestors still affect the daily lives of people. In the past, all the stories of fear and anxiety belong to the devil. He came when he wanted, did what he wanted, but he could never harm anyone without them allowing it. It is within the stories that he was the most fearful. Fire, the hottest element on Earth, and as you know it, the devil loves fire. It’s his element. He jumps in every time he sees it.”

2. “Discombobulate” from Sherlock Homes by Hans Zimmer

3.”Sky Ferry” from The Golden Compass by Alexandre Desplat

4. “Samoyed Attack” from The Golden Compass by Alexandre Desplat

Second Narration: “The dragon. This mystical animal that appears in the mythology and folk legends of many countries is one of the most famous mythical creatures and also the most mysterious. In the Middle Ages, the slaying of a fire-breathing dragon was the crowning achievement of many heroes like Lancelot and King Arthur.”

5. “All of Them! (Score)” from King Arthur by Hans Zimmer

Third Narration: “According to many legends, fire is a gift of God to man. Whatever, man is the only being who can make fire. Flames can destroy, but when mastered they illuminate. Fire is divinity in many cultures and will always will be the object of worship of many peoples.”

6. “Jake’s First Flight” from Avatar by James Horner

7. “The Bioluminescence Of The Night” from Avatar by James Horner

8. “Becoming One Of ‘The People’, Becoming One With Neytiri” from Avatar by James Horner

9. “The Legend Begins” by Audiomachine (Michael Koch and Steffan)

10. “Eternal Flame (No Choir)” by Audiomachine (Dinletir and Paul)

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