These people canoeing in a snowy Calgary are peak Canada (PHOTOS)

Oct 10 2019, 11:11 pm

This country does not fail to disappoint.

Us Canadians are something of a resilient folk, braving sub-zero temperatures to make it to the hockey game or for a trip to Timmies — even if we have to take a zamboni to get there.

A few Calgarians clearly proved their strong and true citizenship earlier this month, after the city saw a record-breaking September snowfall measuring upwards of 25 cm.

While that would have had most people hunkering down in their warm homes, a select few apparently rose to the occasion following the snowstorm.

One of them wasĀ Una Silkane-Caceres, a Calgary photographer who decided to brave the cold to get a few shots of the fresh snow while taking her kids to school.

In a Facebook post on her photography page,Ā Silkane-Caceres notes that she was drawn to the fog that was rising over the Bowness River. As she was taking some photos, a group of bundled up canoers could be seen making their way downstream.

“The lighting was just perfect! The group of these brave people seemed cold, but WOW what a view!”Ā Silkane-Caceres wrote in the post.

She was right, the photos are stunning — and most definitely peak Canada:

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