Cactus Club on Burrard & Dunsmuir

Dec 19 2017, 11:39 am

Working in the Bentall 5 office tower The Urban Dweller has always had the luxury of a great view of the north shore mountains. However, recently I’ve had the luxury of staring at all the lovely women that “prostitute” themselves at the new $6.5 million Cactus Club downstairs. This isn’t your ordinary Cactus Club. Nope. The breasts seem larger, the women are hotter (if you can believe that) and the line ups are egregiously long. Oh yeah and Chef Rob Feenie’s special dishes grace this establishment too.

Having braved the long lineups to actually get a booth during the lunch rush, The Urban Dweller was amazed by the buildings design, very sleek and open. Since the Cactus Club has opened the crowd at The Keg has dwindled considerably. Maybe The Keg waitresses need to “skank” it up a bit. Shit the food is practically the same, just a thought. The Keg should offer free lap dance coupons for the Brandi’s upstairs. That will get the old business man back to The Keg and instead of mints at the end of their meal they should just hand out the little blue pill to these withered old men. Back to the Cactus Club, I tried the BBQ Duck Sandwich and I was very impressed. The food was awesome, but naturally I was more interested in the bevy of beauties that would parade themselves up and down the aisles throughout my meal. Make no mistake they are the main draw, the food is secondary. Just ask my co-worker who dines for lunch a few times a week. His wallet has gotten a lot lighter since tipping the women an insane amount in a pathetic attempt to get a phone number. So far he’s 0 for 42, those are Money J Skeets type numbers. Not great at all.Vancouver is a great culinary destination. Hell even our more generic food places such as Cactus Club, Earls, Milestones, are better than average. Besides not everyone makes Urban Dweller money and can dine at Cin Cin or Blue Water Café on the regular.

Food: B
Atmosphere: A+
Price: B+
Service: A++

(Photo credits courtesy of veerleCA77 @ flickr, kestra 400 @ flickr)

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