Fashion Fix - Cachè Couture Atelier Couture Atelier opens up shop in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 11:07 am

South Granville recently became home to Vancouver’s newest fashion haven – Cachè Couture Atelier, a must stop shop for those wanting to create a wardrobe of their dreams, whether it be a one of a kind evening dress or a bridal gown made for a fairytale! 


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Along with their own beautiful creations, Cachè Couture Atelier also carries a very carefully curated selection of designer bridal gowns.

We were lucky enough to pick Creative Director, lliana Rosabal’s brain, on what makes her tick and what inspires her to create her fashion magic!


1. Having lived in some of the fashion capitals of the world – what made you decide to set up shop in Vancouver?

Being from Cuba, European culture has always influenced my personal style. I realized that Vancouver didn’t have yet a custom fashion house that offered a unique service to each client, and wanted to provide this! The Atelier differentiates itself from any other wedding or couture boutique in Vancouver by giving both women and men the opportunity to custom make their garment, and create a one of a kind piece, created just for them. We enjoy collaborating with our clients, bringing their ideas and style dreams to life.

2. Can you give us a bit more detail behind your brand and how it came about?

When I was thinking of the name that would bring the Atelier to life, I considered words that described the sense of elegance and refinement. Cachè is a word used in Cuba to describe this kind of woman. My brand purpose is to represent those who enjoy dressing up and like to wear unique pieces; those who appreciate special garments for special occasions.

3. Describe the ideal woman that would walk into the doors of Cachè Couture Atelier. 

Our clients are women who appreciate the ‘cachè’ of having a custom made dress created just for her. Our team of sophisticated clothing technicians work magic to bring fashion dreams to life.


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4. Who/what are some of your muses?

Alexander McQueen because his creativity knows no bounds. His designs all have a beautiful story to accompany them; you can see culture and history behind the dresses. Aside from that, different cultures are also very inspiring to me.

5. What’s your favorite/least favorite bridal trend at the moment?

I adore lace sleeves and necklines. Lace segments give a dress a classic and even traditional look while keeling it chic. Lace can take a simple design and turn it into a one of a kind piece.

6.   What brands/style icons are you a fan of?

Valentino and Elie Saab. Sophisticated and quality oriented designers that maintain their brand and style as the times change are the epitome of style, in my opinion.

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7.   Can you pinpoint a moment in your career that you made you realize you had made it to the big leagues?

For now, it is a work in progress.

8. What was the best career advice you’ve ever received, and who gave it to you?

The best advice I’ve received has to be that persistence is key in doing business… never give up. Believe in yourself and what you love to do, and the results will be revealed.

9. What was your most memorable custom piece created?

It is very hard to choose – I think every dress we have made has something special. There was a wedding dress we designed for a WedLuxe magazine shoot last month that I can’t wait to share.

10. What can we expect in the future of Cachè Couture Atelier?

We will keep providing and perfecting our quality service for our clients, being an innovative leader in the Canadian couture market, bringing unique style to Vancouver.

11. Last words you want your fashion peers/admirers/shoppers to know?

At Cachè Couture Atelier, each client is treated as if they were the only one.


(Paloma Blanca Gown)


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Such an amazing designer with a creative vision! If you’re looking to create that special dress or want to spruce up your closet, look no further than  Cachè Couture Atelier at 2329 Granville Street –
Vancouver, BC V6H 3G4

To book an appointment with the creative director, please email [email protected] or call 604-559-6254.

Happy shopping, everyone!