Cacao 70 expands in Metro Vancouver with 2 sweet new concepts at 3 locations

Jul 21 2017, 6:18 pm

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any sweeter, the Quebec-based chocolate lover’s heaven, Cacao 70, will be opening two new concepts at three new locations in Metro Vancouver.

Cacao 70 opened their “eatery” concept featuring chocolate-centric brunch, lunch, and treats in Vancouver’s West End this winter, but with three new locations planned spanning the Metro area from North Vancouver to the south end of Richmond, things are about to get seriously sweet.

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A “Sweet House” is planned for Lonsdale Quay ( 143 Chadwick Court) where you’ll find chocolate drinks, desserts, and all-day brunch.

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Then, Cacao 70 will be launching two “Dip Shop” locations. What’s getting dipped? ICE CREAM, of course. With a Gastown location set for 433 Abbot Street (the former UYU ice cream storefront) and a Richmond shop in Steveston (at 3866 Bayview Street).

The Dip Shop is where Cacao 70 customers will find ice cream swirling and ready to dip, dip, dip in a variety of gourmet coatings.

All three Cacao 70 locations are set to open soon, so keep your eye out for official announcements on their Instagram.

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