11 business tips from entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

Dec 19 2017, 10:42 pm

TELUS is a proud supporter of entrepreneurs and so they’ve partnered with Vancity Buzz to share a series tips for business success. They’re also inviting Canadian business leaders to pay it forward by sharing their own #MyBusinessTip with eager entrepreneurs across Canada. With every tip shared, TELUS will donate $25 to Futurpreneur Canada.

Vancouver is turning itself into a hotbed for technology startups. In fact, a recent KPMG report commissioned by the BC Technology Industry Association stated B.C. boasts 9,000 high-tech companies that together generate more than $15 billion in direct economic impact – that’s 7.6% of provincial GDP. More people work in tech than the forestry, mining and oil and gas sectors combined!



If you’re thinking of launching your own tech startup (or any kind of business), now is a great time to take the plunge. But before you do, consider these #MyBusinessTips from some of Canada’s business leaders and successful entrepreneurs:

Get the smartest people you can on your team. Support them so that they can perform at their best. Learn from them. 

Build a business that fits within your life goals. Surround yourself with passionate, reliable and focused people and partners. 

Get a customer using your product or service early. Your business is hypothetical until someone is paying you for it.

Something to consider when building your team: If you are cool, I can teach you anything. I just can’t teach you to be cool. 

The best way to come up with an idea is to just start. The idea will come along the way.

Hire people smarter than you. Park your ego and do it, your business will flourish when you do. Second, don’t hold back information from those around you. Teach them everything you know.

  • JP Holecka, Creative Strategist and Founder – POWERSHiFTER

Create a culture that values constructive criticism. You learn more from what customers “don’t like” about your product than you do from positive customer feedback. 

  • Jon Cartwright, Founder and Chairman – Foodee

Two pieces of advice that have guided me: “Feel the fear and do it anyways” and “Profit with purpose.”

Your friends and family don’t want to hurt your feelings, so they’re a bad source for feedback on your business idea. Show them your business and claim it’s a competitor’s so they have license to give their honest feedback.

When it comes to hiring a team the single most important skill is hustling. It doesn’t matter if the position is sales, development, or HR, the kind of people I want on my team are the ones who can get stuff done.

Invest time in building genuine relationships and a great network around your company. One of the best ways to build a great network is to take the time help other people and businesses. 

  • Nat Cartwright, COO – Payso
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