Burnaby’s Bollywood Boyz steal WWE belt with Jinder Mahal

Apr 26 2017, 5:42 pm

In the latest twist in the Smackdown saga, Burnaby’s Singh Brothers, AKA the Bollywood Boyz, helped Jinder Mahal steal the WWE belt after beating up champion Randy Orton.

The takedown happened on Tuesday night, as Orton was cutting a promo for his upcoming match against Bray Wyatt, after his victory over Erick Rowan; but Mahal interrupted.

“How dare you overlook the Maharaja? How dare you disrespect me? I’m the true horror. You should be worried about me,” Mahal said in his promo targeting the champion.

“Randy, you’re just like all of these people. You disrespect me because I look different. You disrespect me because of your arrogance and your lack of tolerance.

“But at Backlash, I will take back my respect. I will take the glory of the World WWE championship back to me and my people.”

Mahal switches to Punjabi

The wrestler addressed the crowd in Punjabi, a further indication that Mahal is being pushed to target the large Indian market, where WWE recently launched the WWE store.

“At Backlash, Randy Orton will be defeated by Jinder Mahal. All you Americans will be kneeling at my feet, at the King’s feet,” Mahal said in Punjabi.

Mahal, real name Yuvraj Singh “Raj” Dhesi, hails from Calgary, but has Canadian and Indian citizenship, and at WWE is billed as being from Punjab.

The wrestler, dressed in a suit, then tried to take a cheap swing at Orton, but was overpowered by the champion– until the Bollywood Boyz intervened.

The Bollywood Boyz, real names Gurv and Harv Sihra, changed the segment into a 3-on-1 attack, allowing Mahal to lay Orton out with a cobra clutch slam.

Standing over Orton at the end of the segment, Mahal stole the WWE belt and with the Bollywood Boyz at his side and the belt on his arm, made off to the locker room.

Later on, WWE’s Twitter account posted a further update on the whereabouts of the belt…

And Jinder Mahal posted the following status on Instagram:

Get used to it …. #wwe #1Contender

A post shared by The Maharaja (@jindermahal) on

Making a statement… #smackdownlive #sdlive #wwe

A post shared by Harv Sihra (@harvsihra_wwe) on

The rise and rise of the brothers has been impressive to watch, especially since they only made their WWE debut last year.

Now, with homegrown talent like the Burnaby Bollywood Boyz in the ring, WWE fans look set to enjoy more of what they’re calling “butter chicken beatdowns” in the coming weeks.

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