Burlington neighbours' feud over a backyard sex toy display becomes late night fodder

Jul 21 2022, 2:51 pm

It started with a tree and it ended with sex toys.

Two Burlington neighbours are feuding, quite famously, actually, over a backyard sex toy display in retaliation of a bylaw dispute.

The sex toy dispute has created a lot of buzz (pun totally intended) across Canada and even our neighbours down south are talking about it.

A few nights ago, while guest-hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live, Anthony Anderson referred to it as “history’s funniest way to mess with your neighbours.”

You can watch the hilarious clip (beginning at 9:56) below.

The feud all started, as CHCH reports, with Linda Lee calling bylaw officers when her neighbours, the Oriolds, first refused to do anything about a dangerous tree that was encroaching on her property. Lee says she called enforcement to accelerate the process.

Alas, once the Oriolds took the tree down, they erected a bright pink box with dildos and butt plugs stapled to it in the backyard. It was purposely placed within Lee’s view from her kitchen window. Shaun Oriold told reporters he did it to “send a message.”

Lee and her family are upset and claim the display is negatively impacting their social lives. One would imagine it’s hard to have a wholesome family BBQ when there’s a giant box of dildos staring down at you.

The family has said they’ve received little to no help from the city when it comes to removing the awkward display.

“I just want it to be gone.” Lee says.

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