Bullets keep spraying in Vancouver gang violence

Dec 19 2017, 11:47 am

There was another shooting last night, this one in East Van. This brings the total to five men gunned down this month thus far, all gang-related.

The spur in gang violence is the result of turf wars and grudges. With so many gangs occupying BC and too little land to support them, fights over territory are taking place. Past grudges and rip-offs are resulting in retaliations. Disorganized crime is causing the high propensity of shootings as it is “get them before they get you first” right now.

The governments can only blame themselves. Criminologists have been calling for a regional police force for years. Community workers have been asking for increased funding for junior sports and youth. Hell, build an outdoor hockey rink in my hood already. Fuckin eh.

There has been a disconnect with youth from society which has been occurring from over a decade ago. Most certainly, this always results in increased crime, especially gang violence because youth look for an outlet and belonging. We need more programs for youth to prevent future generations from straying towards crime and need a harmonious collaboration amongst police departments via a single regional force… or the bullets will keep spraying.

DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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