This Vancouver bubble tea shop's genius cup lets you have two flavours at one time

Mar 4 2017, 3:28 am

Part of the fun of going for bubble tea is picking your flavour. Do you go for something creamy? Something fruity? Are you a tea lover, or do you pick based on colour? Seriously, so many choices.

For the truly indecisive…or for those who like their bubble tea for two, Vancouver’s BBT Shop has launched their awesome duo cups.

The duo cup basically fuses two half-cups together to fit into your one hand. This way you can order two kinds of bubble tea and enjoy them together…but separate. Genius!

How awesome is this? It’s just $1.50 more to get the duo cup, so now your Matcha Milk and Mango Tea faves don’t have to happen on two different trips! Not to mention these new cups make milk tea even more ‘grammable. Just save room for one of their decadent bubble waffles, too.

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The BBT Shop

Address: 1680 Robson Street, Vancouver
Address:Ā #105-4651 No. 3 Road, Richmond
Instagram:Ā @thebbtshop

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