Bring Your Own Wine Participating BC Restaurant List

Dec 19 2017, 6:00 am

The British Columbia government announced that you can now bring your own wine to a restaurant. The reaction by potential patrons has been tremendous and slowly a list of restaurants participating under the Bring Your Own Wine law are starting to emerge.

We will constantly update this list. Consider it your go to list if you ever want to see if a restaurant is allowing you to bring your own bottle of wine.

Note: If you’re a restaurant that allows BYOW please let us know by either emailing us [email protected] or tweeting at us @Vancitybuzz. Thanks.

Bring Your Own Wine Vancouver Restaurant List

Al Porto Ristorante, 321 Water Street
Corkage Fee: $25

Au Petit Chavignol, 843 East Hastings Street
Corkage Fee: $20

Blue Water Restaurant, 1095 Hamilton Street
Corkage Fee: $38

Boathouse Kitsilano Beach, 1305 Arbutus Street
Corkage Fee: $20

Brix Restaurant, 1138 Homer Street
Corkage Fee: $25

Cache Bistro & Lounge, 1269 Hamilton Street
Corkage Fee: $20

Cafeteria, 2702 Main Street
Corkage Fee: Unknown

Campagnolo, 1020 Main Street
Corkage Fee: $35

Chambar, 562 Beatty Street
Corkage Fee: $25

Cloud 9, 1400 Robson Street
Corkage Fee: $20 in restaurant, $50 in lounge

CinCin Ristorante, 1154 Robson Street
Corkage Fee: $35

Crave, 3941 Main Street
Corkage Fee: $25

East of Main Cafe, 223 E. Georgia
Corkage Fee: $20 corkage fee

Edible Canada Bistro, 1596 Johnston Street
Corkage Fee: $20 for Canadian wine, $30 international

El Caminos, 3250 Main StreetFable, 1944 West 4th avenue
Corkage Fee: $20

Fable Kitchen, 1944 West 4th Avenue
Corkage Fee: $20

Famoso Pizzeria, 1380 Commercial Drive
Corkage Fee: $15

Fish Cafe, 2053 West 41st Ave
Corkage Fee: $20

Fray on Fraser, 3980 Fraser Street
Corkage Fee: $5

French Table, 3916 Main Street
Corkage Fee: $25

Gotham Steakhouse, 615 Seymour Street
Corkage Fee: 39

Gramercy Grill, 2685 Arbutus Street
Corkage fee: $20

Habit, 2610 Main Street
Corkage Fee: N/A

Hapa Izakaya (Multiple locations)
Corkage Fee: $20 (max 1 bottle per 4 guests or 2 bottles for 5+ guests)

Hy’s Encore Steakhouse, 637 Hornby Street
Corkage Fee: $30

Joe Fortes, 777 Thurlow Street
Corkage Fee: $25

Keg Restaurant (all locations)
Corkage Fee: $20

Kitsilano Daily Kitchen, 1809 West 1st Ave
Corkage Fee: Free up to $25*
*if vintage pre 2000, specific BC wines on Mondays. (1st Monday = Pinot Noir, 2nd Monday = Syrah, 3rd Monday of month = Sauvignon Blanc, 4th Monday = Bordeaux blends and 5th Monday = any bottle bought at Village Wines VQA shop. Free corkage on Monday’s not valid on Stat holidays)

L’Abattoir, 217 Carrall Street
Corkage Fee: $25 corkage fee

La Bucca, 4025 Macdonald Street
Corkage Fee: Unknown

La Gavroche, 1616 Alberni Street
Corkage Fee: $25 (max two bottles)

Le Parisien, 751 Denman Street
Corkage Fee: $20

Martini’s Pizza, 151 West Broadway
Corkage Fee: $12

Max’s Burgers, 521 West Broadway
Corkage Fee: $10 corkage fee (No corkage fee on Tuesdays)

Maurya Indian Cuisine 1643 West Broadway,
Corkage Fee: $10 (Free on Wednesday)

Memphis Blues BBQ (All locations)
Corkage Fee: $15

Monk McQueens, 601 Stamps Landing
Corkage Fee: $25 per 750ml bottle maximum 1 bottle per 3 guests; max 4 per visit

NOVO Pizzeria, 2118 Burrard Street
Corkage Fee: Unknown

Pair Bistro, 3763 West 10th Avenue
Corkage Fee: $15

Pied a Terre, 3369 Cambie Street
Corkage Fee: $25

Pink E Thai, 1152 Alberni Street
Corkage Fee: $12

Q4 Ristorante 2563 West Broadway
Corkage Fee: $30

Raincity Grill, 1193 Denman
Corkage Fee: $30

Salade de Fruits, 1551 W 7th Ave
Corkage Fee: $14

Siena on 12th, 1485 West 12th Ave
Corkage Fee: $20

Thai House 1116 Robson Street and 1766 W. 7th ave
Corkage Fee: $12 corkage fee

The Boathouse at Kits Beach, 1305 Arbutus Street
Corkage Fee: $20

The Cascade Room, 2616 Main Street

The Union, 219 Union Street

The Wallflower, 2420 Main Street
Corkage Fee: $10 (max 2 bottles per table), Free corkage Tuesdays (max 1 bottle per table)

Two Chefs and a Table, 305 Alexander Street
Corkage Fee: $25 and wine can’t be on the list

Urban Thai 1119 Hamilton Street
Corkage Fee: $12 corkage fee

Verace Pizzeria, 189 Keefer
Corkage fee: $10 corkage fee (No corkage fee on Wine Wednesdays)

Via Tevere Pizzeria, 1190 Victoria Drive
Corkage Fee: $20

Vera’s Burger (Multiple locations)
Corkage fee: $2

West Restaurant, 2881 Granville Street
Corkage Fee: $38 corkage fee

White Spot (multiple locations)
Corkage Fee: $10

Bring Your Own Wine Burnaby Restaurant List

Cotto Enoteca, 6011 Hastings Street
Corkage Fee: $20

EBO Restaurant, 4331 Dominion Street at The Delta Burnaby
Corkage Fee: $20

Hart House, 6664 Deer Lake Avenue
Corkage Fee: $25

Horizons Restaurant, 100 Centennial Way
Corkage Fee: $25

Romana’s Pizza, 4660 Hastings Street
Corkage Fee: Unknown

Bring Your Own Wine West Vancouver Restaurant List

Amici, 1747 Marine Drive West Vancouver
Corkage Fee: $20

Dundarave Fish Market, 2423 Marine Drive
Corkage Fee: $40

Mangia E Bevi, 2222 Marine Drive
Corkage Fee: $30

Village Taphouse, 900 Main Street #1C
Corkage Fee: $20

Zen Sushi, 2232 Marine Drive
Corkage Fee: $20

Bring Your Own Wine North Vancouver Restaurant List

Fish works, 91 Lonsdale Avenue
Corkage Fee: $25

Marine Grill, 1653 Columbia Street
Corkage Fee: $25

Observatory Restaurant, Grouse Mountain
Corkage Fee: $25

Raglan’s Bistro, 15 Lonsdale Ave
Corkage Fee: $17

Red Lion Bar & Grill, 2427 Southwest Marine Drive
Corkage Fee: $20

Rockford Grill, 1493 Marine Drive
Corkage Fee: $20

Thai House, 116 W. Esplanade
Corkage Fee: $12 corkage fee

Bring Your Own Wine Richmond Restaurant List

Chop Steakhouse, 10251 Saint Edwards Drive
Corkage Fee: Free until September 2012 for BC wines, $19 for imports
Tapenade Bistro, 3711 Bayview Street
Corkage Fee: $25 corkage fee

Thai House, 129-4940 No.3 Road Richmond
Corkage Fee: $12

Bring Your Own Wine Surrey Restaurant List

Old Surrey Restaurant, 13483 72 Avenue
Corkage Fee: $20

Vault Restaurant, 5764 176 Street
Corkage Fee: $20

Bring Your Own Wine Langley Restaurant List

The Keg Langley, 9020 202 Street (also all other Keg locations)
Corkage Fee: $20

Bring Your Own Wine Whistler Restaurant List

Araxi, 4222 Village Square
Corkage Fee: $35

Alta Bistro, 104-4319 Main Street
Corkage Fee: $50 corkage fee

Bearfoot Bistro, 4121 Village Green
Corkage Fee: $65

Hy’s Whistler, 4308 Main Street
Corkage Fee: $30

Bring Your Own Wine Kelowna Restaurant List

Ricardo’s Mediterranean Grill, 415 Commonwealth Road
Corkage Fee: Unknown

Bring Your Own Wine Victoria Restaurant List

Brasserie L’Ecole, 1715 Government Street
Corkage Fee: $30

Cabin 12, 3111 Cedar Hill Road
Corkage Fee: $8.50

Marina Restaurant, 1327 Beach Drive
Corkage Fee: $20

Zambri’s, 820 Yates Street
Corkage Fee: $18

Bring Your Own Wine Mission Restaurant List

Missions Springs Brewing Company, 7160 Oliver Street

Corkage Fee: $10, Corkage Fee if Wine is purchased at their Connected Liquor Store – $2.00

Mondays –Cork Free Monday s- BYOW on Mondays and we waive the Cork Fee


If you are a restaurant owner or know of a restaurant participating in the BYOW law please let us know by emailing [email protected] Further, if there is anything that needs to be corrected, i.e. corkage fee or participation please email us as well.


Image  by rommy ghaly