BottomsUp Beer Dispensers to be Installed at BC Place

Dec 19 2017, 5:11 am

For years, heck decades now the one drawback of going to a large scale sporting or concert event has been the massive beer lines at intermissions. You see the lines winding through the concession area as fans wait for a new beer. Service staff struggle to meet the demand and often end up wasting beer with poor pouring jobs that give too much head. Well my beer drinking friends, help is on the way in the form of BottomsUp Beer Dispensers.

Using the latest in “get drunk faster” technology, the BottomsUp Beer Dispensers fill the plastic beer cups from the bottom. Not only does it fill the cups faster, but it fills it to the exact top of the cup. So not only do you get your new beer faster, you get the most out of the cup. The disperses have been popping up all over sporting arenas in North America for the last year and year and they are slowly becoming the standard process for concession stands.

If you went to a game at Empire Field you got to benefit from the new technology. Rogers Arena installed them this off-season and have them in use now. It was recently announced that the system is going to be installed in the newly renovated BC Place. Considering the increasing number of fans at BC Lions games as the post season approaches and of course the Grey Cup being held their, the number of fans (and beer drinking fans) is going to increase. Will they be in operation before the Grey Cup? I sure hoe so.

Another nice touch that has helped the growth of the service is the customization/marketing capabilities that the cups provide. The bottom of the cup is sealed with a magnet that can be customized for your event. Some just have the Budweiser logo but I have seen team specific ones as well.

Have you enjoyed a BottomsUp Beer yet?

DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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