Bon Jovi's tour manager speaks out, hints legal action

Dec 20 2017, 12:57 am

Despite the cancellation of the Stanley Park concert, Jon Bon Jovi’s concert will go on at Rogers Arena. So what exactly went wrong?

One thing is for sure: the fiasco that’s largely attributed to an organization failure by Paper Rain Productions won’t end up being a profitable venture for Bon Jovi and his camp.


“He’s not making any money, that’s for sure,” Paul Korzilius of Bon Jovi Management told Vancity Buzz.

“It does cost money to do shows. Trust me, everybody’s come in, everybody’s covered the party. We’re paying cost and cost only. It’s not an income opportunity.”

Korzilius had a feeling that things were going to go south when the permit issues first sprang up.

“If [the parks board] isn’t happy or satisfied, then we know there isn’t going to be a show. And the Parks Board did everything they could to make that happen, but it just didn’t.”

“The good news is Jon is honouring his commitment to his fans.”

In a statement released earlier, Korzilius had described Paper Rain Production’s work as a “failed attempt to put on a show” and that they had spread a lot of “confusion and misinformation” relating to the cancellation of Bon Jovi’s Stanley Park performance.


Paper Rain Productions has now filed for bankruptcy amidst the scandal.

“The artist’s management team flatly and repeatedly refused to allow a postponement and instead they insisted that the concert be cancelled,” said Paper Rain Productions in a statement. “Paper Rain had no part in the cancellation and we remain in disagreement with that action.”

While Korzilius said lawyers are involved, he was keeping mum on whether there will be a lawsuit relating to the concert fiasco.

“A wrong has been done and hopefully it can be righted through the court system.”

Extending ticket sales to other fans would have added a complex step to an already messy situation, so he said they are keeping it small and simple by opening it up just to people who already purchased tickets.

“We felt adding another level of complexity by opening up and selling more tickets might not be a good idea because we might make a mess of it,” said Korzilius.

“The demand is certainly there – if this was three or four weeks ago, it would be a different story. Adding extra layers probably isn’t a good idea.”

Bon Jovi himself is disappointed the originally planned show failed.

“He’s reacted to it by doing the show. Is he disappointed, upset? Of course. Everyone involved in this is.”

Ultimately, Korzilius said they are all still excited about the show on Saturday – he said they’re excited about every show they do.

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