7 things you need to know before you wax at home

Mar 27 2018, 7:31 pm

Have you ever tried home waxing? Come on, you can tell us. Whether you’ve just thought about it or purchased a kit to get disappointing results, don’t worry.

As humans, we’re often misinformed about home waxing kits and how to use them effectively. This could explain the kit sitting in your medicine cabinet that you’ve been too afraid to ask anyone about.

To help you, we’ve gone straight to the experts at Vancouver-based Parissa Natural Wax to find out the best advice for every first-time home waxer.

How strip-free wax actually works

Chances are you’ve seen videos of strip-free wax before, likely removing swathes of hair from some poor guy’s bear-like chest. This type of wax doesn’t require fabric strips for removal. That’s because it contains beeswax, it’s applied as liquid and firms as it cools, this ‘shrink-wraps’ the hairs. It’s ideal for use on smaller, sensitive areas with coarse hairs.

Areas you can use strip-free hot wax (hard wax) on include:

  • Brazilian
  • Bikini
  • Face
  • Upper lip
  • Underarms

Parissa offers a Strip-Free Hot Wax made from just four natural ingredients that you can buy online.

It IS worth waxing in the winter

You might have thought waxing in the winter would be a waste of time, but it’s actually the perfect time to start a waxing habit.

In order for waxing to work effectively on your hair, it needs to have some length – especially if you have been shaving previously. It’s going to be annoying letting the hairs grow out for the first time but it will be worth it when you’ve got smooth hair-free areas. Plus, the hairs grow back finer each time you wax. Parissa strictly advises a ‘two-week rule’, until hair length is around 1/4 inch, or 1 cm. This will give you the best results.

Eyebrow sculpting

If you’re a waxing newbie, you can combine visiting a salon with eyebrow home waxing. Get an initial salon full shaping and then do your own maintenance afterwards with Parissa eyebrow wax mini strips. For smaller, confined areas or precision shaping, you can try Parissa’s brand new face and brows waxing precision pen. After one use you’ll be wondering why you haven’t tried it sooner.

First-time home Brazilian waxing

Just don’t do it. This type of waxing takes expertise and patience to learn. Since it also requires a degree of flexibility it’s not recommended for first-time waxers. Read this if you’re interested in learning more about it.

The truth about the ‘pain’

You do things that you probably don’t adore in the name of beauty. But the truth is that waxing feels more like plucking your brows or pulling off a band-aid. The initial sensation lasts only for a second, but the results last for weeks. Of course, waxing your arms or legs will feel different than more sensitive areas but like any beauty regime, it becomes more comfortable over time because the hair gets weaker and finer.

Benefits of waxing over shaving

It’s a no-brainer when you think about it, waxing can give you clean, smooth hair for weeks longer than shaving. The hair grows back finer and sparser with each time you wax, and there’s a type of wax suited to each area of your body. Plus, your partner can’t say you have prickly skin. Home waxing is far more cost-effective than going to a salon. You can wax from the comfort of your home and on your schedule.

Where to start

Most people wouldn’t climb Mount Everest on their first time hiking, so if you’ve never waxed before, don’t start with a Brazilian or your underarms. As you learn good waxing technique and gain confidence, you can tackle harder to reach areas. Some waxes are easier for beginners to use than others – try Wax Strips if this is you. Once applied, take a deep breath in and get ready to say goodbye to those annoying hairs.

Visit Parissa Natural Wax now to browse the brand’s full range of products and get those hair-free care-free vibes going.