Hockey insider Bob McKenzie launches "Bobby Margarita" drink line

Dec 9 2021, 5:19 pm

Bobby Margarita is hitting the shelves.

Popular Canadian hockey journalist Bob McKenzie announced Thursday that he’s officially launching his first alcoholic beverage, based on his off-season persona.

Since 2016, the longtime TSN and NBC personality McKenzie has used social media to document his journeys with his various margarita machines, giving himself a snazzy nickname in the process.


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But he’s leaving the blenders behind in favour of a simpler canned drink.

“Too many ingredients, too much trouble,” McKenzie said after throwing his blender away emphatically in a launch video. “Just remember, Bobby knows best.”

The ready-to-drink cocktail is produced by Ace Beverage Group, which also makes beverages under the Cottage Springs and Ace Hill brands. McKenzie’s son Shawn, who works as a reporter on Sportsnet, is also a partner for the drink.

“We took a catchy nickname and social media presence and turned it into a RTD margarita,” McKenzie said on the newly launched product website.

McKenzie said he started getting the “Margarita” nickname more and more after flirting with the moniker on social media, which gave him the idea to turn it into an actual product for purchase.

“The more often that happened, the more I had run with it,” McKenzie said. “Shawn and I mused about how cool it would be one day to actually have an actual drink called Bobby Margarita or maybe sell Bobby Margarita merchandise. But it was mostly just idle chatter.”

The product is currently available in Alberta, while it launches in Nova Scotia in January 2022, and Saskatchewan and Ontario in April 2022.

For now, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and all three territories have been left out.

“We’ve been directly and intimately involved in every aspect,” McKenzie added. “From the all-important taste of the liquid — thou shall not carbonate a classic margarita — to the colour and design of the can — beautiful, just beautiful — and all the logos and branding.”

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