Pick your own blueberries at these 11 Metro Vancouver farms

Jul 13 2017, 6:25 pm

Blueberry season has arrived, and that means it’s time to grab your buckets and hit the farms to do some serious berry picking.

If you like to bring home piles of BC’s blue-tastic berries for snacking, smoothies, freezing, jamming, pie-making, or treat-baking, you may want to go the u-pick route. There are several farms in Metro Vancouver where you can head out into the rows to retrieve your own sweet little blue gems.

U-pick tip 101: look near the bottom of the blueberry bush. There are tons there that haven’t been picked! 😁

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When it comes to berry picking, make sure you dress appropriately (there might be lots of walking and hot sun) and call ahead or check the farm’s website to confirm availability, hours, and their pet policy.

Ready to get your hands on some fresh BC bluebs?

Here are 10 places where you can pick your own blueberries in Metro Vancouver.


Surrey Farms

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Address: 15454 Colebrook Road, Surrey
Phone: 604-580-1042


John and John’s Farm

Address: 4015 244th Street, Langley
Phone: 604-803-9185

Krause Berry Farms

Address: 6179 248th Street, Langley
Phone: 604 856-5757

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Boetzkes Farms

Address: 7860 232nd Street, Langley
Phone: 604-513-9079

Driediger Farms

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Address: 23823 72nd Avenue, Langley
Phone: 604-888-1665

Clingan Blueberry Farm

Address: 24576 32nd Avenue, Langley
Phone: 604-306-3691


Didar Berry Farm

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Address: 5580 104th Street, Delta
Phone: 778-888-4399

Wellbrook Winery

Address: 4626 88th Street, Delta
Phone: 604-946-1868

Emma Lea Farms

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Address: 2727 Westham Island Road, Delta
Phone: 604-946-8216

Pitt Meadows

MacDonald Farm

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Address: 19024 McQuarrie Road, Pitt Meadows
Phone: 604-465-4427

Maple Ridge

Formosa Nursery

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Address: 12689 203rd Street, Maple Ridge
Phone: 604-465-3359

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