Blue Jays fan makes ridiculous catch with beer in hand (VIDEO)

Sep 2 2019, 12:38 am

On the field, the story of the day was Justin Verlander and his no-hitter against the Toronto Blue Jays. Outside the white lines, another man was a hero in the stands.

During Sunday’s Blue Jays game, Yordan Alvarez of the Houston Astros sliced a foul ball into the stands down the third base line. Typically, this isn’t a newsworthy event, but one unsuspecting fan made one hell of a catch thatĀ deserves recognition.

With a tall can of Bud Light and a cell phone in one hand, this gentleman made a ridiculous bare-handed catch with his right hand.

In terms of degree ofĀ difficulty, this catch was an eight or a nine on a scale of ten. The ball was slicing away from him, but he was standing in the aisle and reached across his body to make the grab.

Major League fielders have difficulty tracking a ball at that trajectory, but it was no difficulty for this seasoned veteran in the stands.

It may not have been the most stylish catch of the season by a Blue Jays fan, but it has to be one of the most impressive snags of the season – to catch a ball mid-air and not spill a precious drop of beer.

This fan made a bold fashion choice to sport a “THUG LIFE” t-shirt featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s infamous turtleneck/FannyPack photo, but The Rock himself gave props to the fan for his athletic achievement.

If this man wasn’t already the star outfielder on his softball team, get him a contract, stat. If those are the kinds of catches he can make bare-handed, imagine what he could do in the outfield with a proper glove.

Well done, sir … well done.

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