Blue Jays fan who dropped $250K home run ball goes on Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

Oct 1 2022, 1:14 am

By now you’ve probably heard of Frankie Lasagna, the Blue Jays fan who narrowly missed catching Aaron Judge’s 61st home run ball in Toronto a few nights ago. But there was a second fan who was unnamed, who also let history slip through his fingers.

Luckily, late night host Jimmy Kimmel did some detective work and located the other Blue Jays fanatic that watched the historic home run ball careen into the bullpen.

The man’s name is Kyle Mulligan, an electrical contractor from Toronto. He was a good sport by appearing on Jimmy Kimmel live and explaining his side of the story with the home run ball.

“I went to that game thinking I was going to catch that ball,” Mulligan told Kimmel. “I told everybody I know I was going to come home with that ball. I knew it was coming. I was ready for it.

“I went for it, and I think Frankie Lasagna — the guy everybody thinks I am — bumped my glove a little bit, and I missed it by two inches.”

When asked what he would’ve done with the ball if he caught it, Mulligan said he would’ve used the money to put his kids through college. “So, literally, your kids are not going to college,” Kimmel responded.

In an act of good faith, Kimmel is sending Mulligan and his wife for a trip to New York for New Year’s Eve to “see the ball drop,” as the late night host joked. If you can’t laugh at yourself after fumbling Judge’s 61st home run ball on national television, when can you?

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