7 ways your terrible bed is secretly ruining your life as you know it

Jun 21 2018, 12:36 am

Everyone’s guilty of pledging to go to bed by 10 pm or aiming to get those eight hours in, but as soon as our heads hit the pillow it’s a different story. Before you know it, you’re 60 weeks deep in someone’s Instagram feed, feeling like you know his or her aunt better than you know your own family. We promise you aren’t alone in this!

Yet sometimes, even when you manage to get enough sleep for one night, you wake up feeling like you’ve barely slept a wink. How can sleeping leave you feeling even more exhausted?

You begin to wonder – am I going to feel rested ever again? Or, even worse, is this just the reality of aging? Is this just what my life is like now that I’m an ancient mummy?

(Kinda dramatic, but we get it.)

Millennials have been dubbed “The Tired Generation” and with anxiety on the rise, it’s never been more crucial to get a quality sleep. But beyond setting an earlier bedtime and creating a sleep routine, there’s another factor that could be causing all our sleeping woes – our mattress.

We’ve rounded up seven daily problems that you can blame on a bad mattress and one blooming solution that will have you sleeping like a baby.

Stuck in dreamland

Waking up to remember your dreams can be a weird or wonderful thing. You don’t mind if it happens every so often but if you’re regularly waking up mid-dream it can feel exhausting. It can mean that you’re not getting through a full sleep cycle or reaching REM (the fifth and final stage of sleep), and this can all be blamed on an uncomfortable mattress that doesn’t let you remain restful and comfortable for a full sleep cycle (90 minutes).


If you’re feeling like it’s a struggle to maintain good posture, this could all stem from the mattress you’re sleeping on. You might find yourself hunched over first thing in the morning or later in the day. This is because your body tends to compensate on an old or lumpy mattress to put you in a restful position, but all of that work can leave you sore and crooked the next day.


Maybe you’re really just not a morning person…or maybe, you’ve never had a mattress that doesn’t harass and disrupt your sleep every night. Low energy means a low tolerance for the world around you (and a further reliance on coffee). So, if you wake up feeling cranky tomorrow, it might be your mattress’ fault, and not your upstairs neighbour who loves walking around in heels at midnight. (Among other things.)


Feeling like you went to the gym and spent an hour on the treadmill when you didn’t is a cause for concern. Your body and muscles shouldn’t be aching after a night’s sleep unless you’re coming down with the flu or worse. (Or, if you have a terrible mattress that you haven’t changed in years, that too.)


Snoring is common practice, but you’re not supposed to be snoring every night. And while you can blame it on sinuses, drinking, or sleeping on your back, before snoring causes any more turbulence in your life, consider the role your mattress may play.

If your mattress and pillow isn’t supporting your body adequately, it could be blocking your airways, allowing snoring to disrupt your beauty sleep. (As if you need it, you gorgeous human.)


Do you rely on your notes app or post-its for all of the important things you need to get done because you forget things almost all of the time? Surprise, surprise: Poor memory is directly tied to sleep deprivation. So while you might be a bit more productive burning the midnight oil, a few hours on a bad mattress won’t help your brain recover.


The longer you have a mattress, the more dust mites (eww, we know) decide to call it home. You can’t see them but they may be making your allergies worse causing sinus pressure, watery eyes, itchiness, coughing, and sneezing. The solution? Invest in a new mattress with a protective mattress cover.

Now, it’s not all doom and gloom; for every problem, there is a solution. And for all these problems the fix is the same: You need to invest in a good mattress.

We have something for that.

Bloom™ by Sleep Country is an affordable, convenient and innovative mattress-in-a-box line that can help solve a lot of the problems you’ve been experiencing. Don’t let its compact size fool you. Beyond being easy to squeeze into your 300 square foot apartment, it’s also ridiculously comfortable and offers a 100-night comfort guarantee and a 10-year warranty to give you peace of mind.

Also, it comes in a box. The future is awesome, and you should sleep on it.

Bloom™ mattress/Sleep Country

It’s easy to purchase the compact mattress online and Sleep Country will deliver it to you for free. However, if you’re someone who would prefer to try the mattress out in-store first, you can absolutely do that. Plus, you can now choose between four Bloom™ options; the Bloom Cloud™, Bloom Air™, Bloom Mist™, and Bloom Earth™ all in the range of $395 to $995 for a queen.

Visit Sleep Country now to find out which Bloom™ works for you.

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