Canada to witness Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse this weekend

Jan 17 2019, 12:18 am

Skygazers are in for a treat this weekend.

On Sunday, January 20, almost exactly one year after the sighting of a Super Blue Moon lunar eclipse, Canadians will be treated to a full wolf moon creating a total lunar eclipse.

According to The Weather Network, since the moon will be “very near perigee – its closest distance to Earth -” it will be a Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse.

And no, we didn’t make that name up.

The eclipse is expected to last a total of five hours and 12 minutes, with the total eclipse lasting for an hour and two minutes.

wolf moon

A schedule of the total lunar eclipse in PST (The Weather Network/Nasa)

wolf moon

A schedule of the total lunar eclipse in EST (The Weather Network/Nasa)

The total lunar eclipse will begin at the following times, based on where in Canada you live:

  • 8:41 PST
  • 9:41 MST
  • 11:41 EST

Should the skies remain clear, everyone in Canada will have a chance to see it. The next total lunar eclipse that’s positioned over North America won’t be until May of 2022.

So keep this Sunday in mind — you’ll want to have a clear view of the sky and a camera ready when the day comes.

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